Oops, blogging… that’s right…

Those of you who have been pining for my long-lost regular blog posts may rejoice, for I am hereby committing to spending more time updating my website!

Since I returned from Las Vegas and the insanity that is the yearly AVN blowout I took some time to focus on my home life. Spending more time with my girlfriend (we recently celebrated 6 whole fucking years living together!) and our cats, cooking, cleaning, reading, working out and generally taking the time to care for my life outside of the world of kink and femdom.

Now, don’t misunderstand me here… I fucking LOVE the world of kink and femdom. If I could I’d probably op to live in a futuristic femdom world where all men wore collars and were kept in strict chastity, owned by snobby dominant females who would keep them in kennels at night like dogs. But that world doesn’t exist, and sometimes I get so caught up in all the kinky femdom fun I neglect the rest of my life. It’s nice to take the time to organize my closet and snuggle my woman while watching a movie now and again!

In taking the time to catch up with the rest of my life I neglected some aspects of my femdom Queendom, mainly my website and blog posts! I’ve managed to keep awesome new clips coming out daily and have been online often to dominate slave boys via Skype and Yahoo, but taking the time for blogging has eluded me.

Don’t worry though, I’m going to make the time to blog. It’s important to me. It’s not just a useful way for me to tempt and tease you boys into spending more money on me, it’s a way for me to get out all the crazy kinky femdom thoughts in my head. Which, by now, are rather pent up. Watch out, you may be seeing more blogging from me in the next few months than you can handle.

4 thoughts on “Oops, blogging… that’s right…

  1. This blog may not be just a way to trap us males in your web, but that is exactly what it is. Seeing how truly divine and truly dominant You are, makes it impossible to not yearn to submit. That is why going through and commenting on all of these is such a great idea by You Goddess. i want to go deeper down the rabbit hole.

  2. It is so nice to see You back doing Your blogging Goddess Kyaa, and feeling the erotic mind-spins that Your words never fail to send me into. This post has me desperately throbbing in chastity for You, imagining Your “futuristic femdom world”. Your sissy thinks it would opt to live in that world as well, especially if YOU and Your friends were the “snobby dominant females” who would be keeping me collared and in strict chastity…and yes, wow…in a kennel at night like a dog. In more ways than You know, that world actually DOES exist, at least for those of Your minions who have truly adopted Kyaaism as our lifestyle. No, I don’t sleep in a kennel at night like a dog…well, not often anyway 😉 But I did force myself into an overnight dog cage experience a couple of years ago…imagining that it was Your Commandment, making me sleep in it while one of Your videos looped over and over and over. It was phenomenal!

    Sometime it would be a beautiful mindfuck to do it properly for You…where Your sissy has to set up its cam for You to monitor it via Skype throughout the night at Your whim, never knowing if and when You are snickering away watching it fidget and squirm. Just a wonderfully humiliating and ‘owned’ thought.

    All that said, I’m so glad that You have taken some time out to focus on the other important aspects of Your personal life. No one deserves a ‘hiatus’ from being The Domme more than You, Goddess Kyaa. Your devotion to it, and Your devotion to keeping Your slaves ‘entertained’, with new videos and tweets and everything You do, is incredible. But it should be us who keep YOU entertained, knowing that we are admiring and subjugating ourselves to Your Perfection in a thousand little ways every day! (I say as I look down at my shaved sissy clitty & balls throbbing in Your metal chastity cage, dangling out from the tiny red crotchless panties I wore to work in Your honor today).

  3. The You Goddess Kyaa to be allowed to read The Word of God in a new chapter of Your Holy Bible, for it nourishes the perverted soul starved to be filled with Your spirit of pure sadistic evil.

  4. i for one miss Your Holy Words of Wisdom Divine One, so much so that one of the first things i do each day is check Your twitter to read what You have been doing in Your day and hoping You might have blogged. (Here in the UK i’m stuck on the wrong time). Then i pray.
    But what is far more important is You, Your Life. i/we are a distant second at best, just knowing that Your life is so busy with people You love and who love You, with things You love to do and get great pleasure from, things that don’t involve Your Empire of worshiping drones and devoted Kyaaists, knowing that You are Happy is/should be all that really matters.
    You are Almighty God .You are Everything.


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