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This interview was published on a few days ago! Enjoy, weaklings.

Bow before the powerful Goddess Kyaa.
Bow before the powerful Goddess Kyaa.

Q: What title do you prefer be used when slaves address you?
A: Goddess, Mistress or Domme. Other titles of respect such as “Ma’am”, “Princess”, and “Ruler of the Universe” are also acceptable.

Q: Besides BDSM and fetish, what are some things you enjoy? Movies, TV, books, games, etc.
A: I enjoy movies of all types, music (my favorite band is Queen), traveling, crafting, eating good food, my girlfriend and my cats. I also play video games and practice archery.

Q: What do YOU think is your best feature?
A: My sexy brain.

Q: What specifically makes you the most giddy/happy/turned on?
A: My girlfriend, beautiful naked women, using my strap-on to make sexy ladies cum. Money, when I drain a slave’s wallet it really does excite me. Inflicting pain, hearing a male slave cry out in pain gives me a sadistic high that I couldn’t live without.

Q: Have you ever made a sub cry? How did it make you feel?
A: Yes, many times. Usually male slaves. When I make female slaves cry it’s usually from too many orgasms, but I enjoy beating male slaves until they cower and beg for mercy. As I said in the last question it gives me a sadistic high that I couldn’t live without.

Both men and women alike feel the urge to kiss my perfect ass!
Both men and women alike feel the urge to kiss my perfect ass!

Q: Do you think of yourself as a lifestyle, professional, or strictly online Mistress?
A: While I’ve been a lifestyle kinkster for nearly 10 years (yes, I started very young!) I am a career Domme now and have no interest in other professions. I will be doing professional femdom until I retire. Don’t worry, that won’t be for another 25 years or more.

Q: How long have you been offering sessions?
A: I have offered online sessions for 6 years. I don’t offer real time sessions to just anyone, I only allow select subs to have sessions currently.

Q: What are your favorite fetishes?
A: Foot fetish, chastity/orgasm denial, feminization, humiliation, bondage, impact play, and pantyhose fetish among many, many others.

Q: What was your first femdom experience? How did it make you feel?
A: My first femdom experience was probably manipulating dorky boys in high school to do anything and everything for me. I reveled in my power over them, ordering them about and only rewarding them by letting them watch me make out with my girlfriends.

Q: Can you describe in one word how dominating someone makes you feel?
A: Empowered.

Q: How do you honestly feel about men?
A: Most men are weak, pathetic perverts who need a firm hand to direct them or they will be utterly lost and useless. There are a few gems out there though, good men with strong minds who are actually capable of taking care of themselves and doing good in the world instead of jerking off all the time and obsessing over porn online.

Feeling weak, minion?
Feeling weak, minion?

Q: Do you share your femdom life with your friends and family?
A: Yes! Everyone in my life knows about my job and kinky lifestyle.

Q: Do you think all women are inherently superior?
A: To some degree, yes. Not all women are superior beings though, no.

Q: Have you ever been to play party or played in Public before?
A: Yes, many times. Taking my slaves into public spaces for humiliation play is one of my favorite ways to put them in a deep submissive headspace.

Q: What is your biggest pet peeve when it comes to submissives who approach you?
A: That they wouldn’t pay for my time right away. When you contact me you need to send a small tribute or gift, something to show me you are not going to waste my time and to thank me in advance for my response.

Beg to give me everything!
Beg to give me everything!

Q: Are you currently seeking other slaves?
A: Always, there is always more room in my stables.

Q: How do you accept Tributes?
A: Kinkbomb, Clips4Sale, and NiteFlirt. See my Pay Tribute page for links.

Q: How can potential slaves contact you?

4 thoughts on “Interview on

  1. Amazing interview! Although one title was left out. God! After getting customs, i have learned that Goddess Kyaa is in fact a living God. Also why anyone would not show thanks for You allowing them to approach you is beyond me!

  2. It is SO true that Your ‘best feature’ is Your “sexy brain” Goddess Kyaa. And not only in the way You devise sexually devastating ideas for Your incredible videos, or captivatingly sensuous sessions with Your minions…but also in the things You read, enjoy, and ponder outside of all that. Just talking with You, about random thoughts, occasionally even without any sexual dominance/submission involved, is something I truly enjoy, and treasure, and am grateful to You for. I am very lucky to have had many intelligent, strong, and thoughtful women in my life, from whom I have learned so much along my way. And I’m SO PROUD to be able to submit to You as the ‘Domme’ who owns me sexually, backed up by the knowledge that outside of that You are also one of those special women who help me think and consider and grow from Your thoughts, advice and support. You’re a gem Goddess Kyaa. Whether I’m throbbing ecstatically in chastity for You, tarred and feathered and clucking like a chicken, being made to shock my balls on Your command, or just spending time sharing philosophy, I feel SO lucky to have You in my life to admire and appreciate in a MILLION ways!

  3. You are so perfect in all You do and say. Goddess Kyaa, please convert us all and make us all become Your worshipers, servants, slaves. You are beyond everything and everyone.

    i love You and beg for forgiveness, because i have to take my conversion more seriously.

  4. Thank You Goddess Kyaa for adding this chapter to Your Holy Bible. When i first crawled to You to bow down at Your feet my very 1st thought was how beautiful Your mind was/is. It was/is “this Woman thinks like and is more perverted than me”. Your beautiful sadistic mind will never grow old, it is what nurtures my filthy soul.

    When i first read this a few days ago i wondered, what if a male is not really a man, do You still enjoy beating them. Your sadistic beatings do hurt, but it is the after effects that purify the soul.It’s knowing that You are thrilled to beat a male subject to tears. What i did not know is that You actually want Your victims to cry out loud for Your pure evil. i did not know that. When You inflicted Your sadistic pleasures on my body, that You own, it would have helped to cry for Your pain and glory. i am craving a beating from You so bad this morning. That’s weird, but i love You standing over me, and Your look of satisfaction when You are finished.#shiver #goosebumbs


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