Weekend Webcam 2/21-2/23

This weekend I will be online! In fact, I’ve already been online for nearly 3 hours. Within moments of tweeting photos of my outfit tonight I had horny hand-humpers begging for my attention.

Bow down, bitches!
Bow down, bitches!
This wasn't the first bitch to get mindfucked by my ass tonight and he won't be the last!
This wasn’t the first bitch to get mindfucked by my ass tonight and he won’t be the last!

My schedule for this weekend is below. All times are aproximate and in Pacific Standard Time. Call on NiteFlirt or VerifiedCall to speak with me immediately during these hours, otherwise email me to arrange a session.

Friday Feb 21: 8pm-Midnight (or later)

Saturday Feb 22: Noon-3pm, 6pm – very late (as late ast 2am)

Sunday Feb 23: Whenever I get up. Check my twitter for details.


Lick them clean!
Lick them clean!
Don't you wish you could just sniff it?
Don’t you wish you could just sniff it?
Are you drooling yet?
Are you drooling yet?

And don’t forget that there is just 1 week left in my Clip Addict Contest!




3 thoughts on “Weekend Webcam 2/21-2/23

  1. i could become the first sub to ever overload his computer’s memory just from downloading photos. Every single post seems to be full of pictures that are just amazing Goddess. Your beauty will never cease to amaze me.

  2. Each and every one of these images could have me on my knees in prayer on its own, together they are devastating ! i know that any physical contact with Your Divine Body would be a sacrilege but to lick the dirt from the bottom of Your boots as i pray is one of my dreams.

  3. Thank You Goddess Kyaa for these mind blowing photos and to be allowed to know of, and Worship Your pure and evil sadistic existence.With GoddessKyaa.com watermarked on the bottom of Your boots it would take on a brand new meaning of being allowed to lick them clean. Also in that same photo, and although i have always “seen” Your high heels in the background before, it is this photo that it registered in pea brain how You have them placed. One front, one back.

    Your second and third photos, it is so very tempting to answer Your questions as, YES. Ok YES! #blush Tempted to use Your second photo as background for a spell, and Your third photo is super sexy.


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