Valentines Day Chastity Pictures

Warning! If you scroll down and start looking at the photos in this post you will see pathetic penis after pathetic penis, locked in chastity and denied orgasm! It’s not pretty, but it does show my power over men around the world.

All I had to do was give the order and you bitches rushed to comply, stuffing your useless dicks into your chastity cages and sending in photographic proof. These are just a handful of the chastity pictures I received on Valentines day and International Male Chastity Day. Some losers were too embarrassed to share them publicly, others send in blurry and/or boring photos. If you enjoy sending in humiliating photos for publication learn from the subbies you see featured here. Their photos are clear, easy to see what is going on, and most of them have done something to show that they actually took these pictures for me instead of pulling them off the Internet.

Knowing that there were dozens of slaves around the world locked in chastity for me for Valentines day made my misery that day quite a bit less horrible. While my Valentines day was made less than optimal due to the ravages of womanhood you fuckers got to go to bed with achy blue balls! If I suffer, you suffer and you’ll pay for the privilege.

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Call me on NiteFlirt or VerifiedCall to speak with me and beg to humiliate yourself for my pleasure and amusement.

Follow me on twitter. Tweet to me your humiliating photos and confessions:

Did you lock yourself in chastity for Valentines day/International Male Chastity Day? What type of device did you use? If you don’t have one, get one today!

2 thoughts on “Valentines Day Chastity Pictures

  1. i am very disappointed in myself. i saw this update and just never did it. Goddess Kyaa is so kind to allow us to deny ourselves for Her enjoyment and i was so stupid in passing on this. all i can do is focus on the future and focus on not being a disappointment to myself and to God anymore.

  2. There is no better feeling than to obey You Goddess Kyaa.i don’t really know what type of chastity cage my filthy sin is locked in, all i know is that it is a very special gift from You. Thank You Goddess Kyaa.


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