Chastity Themed Valentines Day 2014

For those of you who don’t follow me on twitter I’ll briefly explain at some point in this post why you boys aren’t seeing any new Valentines Day femdom videos this year, but I do have very specific instructions on how you should spend the day.

I know you love me, that's why you're going to spend Valentines Day with your horny cock locked up!
I know you love me, that’s why you’re going to spend Valentines Day with your horny cock locked up!

Valentines Day 2014 is Chastity Themed!

I discovered this amazing thing a few weeks ago. International Male Chastity Day. Yes. A whole day for the men around to world to spend locked in chastity at the same time.

15th February marks the first ever UberKinky International Male Chastity Day… To all of you kinky Keyholders and chaste males out there; CONGRATULATIONS! Now there’s a day completely dedicated to you. So, however you choose to play, be sure to make the most of it and really mark the occasion.

Since the 15th of February is International Male Chastity I decided to drive home the irony of  celebrating male chastity on the day after Valentines Day by ordering all sub males to lock themselves up on the day of romance and love.

While you boys spend the 14th and 15th in chastity for me I will be taking some well deserved time off. (Warning, this next bit involves details about my menstruation, not a subject ever male seems to be able to handle.) Early this week I started my period, which usually isn’t much of a problem but this month I was slammed with the period from fucking hell. PMS, migraines, sore joints/back/muscles, intense cramping and general shittiness abounds this week and will continue through tomorrow. By Saturday I suspect the worst will have passed, so you can expect to see me online this weekend. However, because I waited until just a few days before Valentines Day to film holiday themed clips you won’t be seeing any new ones this year. There’s no fucking way I’m doing anything more than throwing together this blog post for you fuckers.

I’ll take solace knowing that while my hormones are wreaking havoc on my body you dickbags will be spending 48 hours in frustrating denial. I hope your balls get blue while you sit there in denial, thinking of me and wishing you could be here to wait on me hand and perfect size 9 foot!

So my instructions for all sub males this Valentines Day are:

For those of you who already have chastity devices at home and know how to wear them, lock your penis up in chastity as early on the 14th of February as possible. Take the key and either freeze it in a large block of ice or mail it to yourself in a thick envelope to make it difficult to unlock yourself right away. Then spend all day on Valentines Day and International Male Chastity with your pathetic male member caged. Only after a minimum of 48 hours of denial are you allowed to get out your key and unlock yourself. Even then, you need my permission (or to at least pay a cum tax!) before you are allowed to have an orgasm.

If you do not have a chastity device you can still deny yourself. It will be more difficult, but will simply take frequent cold showers! A few tips: take cold showers only (no warm showers!), wear clothing (multiple pairs of underwear, pants, etc, so you can’t touch yourself), remember to not rub or grind against things, don’t get naked even to sleep or shower, pee sitting down so you don’t have to touch your penis as much, avoid sexual stimulus and remember you aren’t allowed to cum or jerk off at all for 48 hours! Spend Valentines Day and International Male Chastity Day in total denial for me.

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Buy clips (my 2nd favorite way for subbies to spend Valentines Day this year):

Shop on my wishlists (I always want to be spoiled by eager to please piggies!)

Don’t forget to comment below. Tell me if you are spending Valentines Day locked up for me and if you are celebrating International Male Chastity Day!

4 thoughts on “Chastity Themed Valentines Day 2014

  1. Strange as it me be to some i find living in denial and been granted just one act of selfishness per month has made me a better more productive person and much more importantly it has heightened my Love and Devotion to You Divine One. Every time i feel aroused (and with You on my mind all the time that is a lot) i say or think to myself ” Sexual pleasure is for The Divine One, i suffer this for Her amusement and Glory” . Thank You Living God for saving me from my own dirty selfish vile habit and guiding me along the path of true devotion to You and The Holy Church of Kyaaism.

  2. I am one of these who don’t have a chastity device right now, so it’s denial for me. (how ironic, i am the denied boy).

    Exactly as you said, It is more difficult!
    I want to thank you for the tips, i am using them. Taking frequent cold showers (in this weather) helps ! even washing my dick with cold water helps.
    Wearing multiple pairs of underwear now that a good idea! and new to me.
    wear clothing. Now, to avoid rubbing myself or as you say “grinding against things” … how embarrassing! i was thinking how did she know! Peeing sitting down is a great idea, it makes me feel just like i am wearing my cage. lovely.

    So I am definitely spending Valentines Day denied for you and will be celebrating International Male Chastity Day as well.

  3. Thank You Goddess Kyaa for a detailed description of the inner workings of Your beautiful body to fill my never ending desire to know everything about You that You allow me to know.While at this moment in time i cannot be in Your presence every month for Your period, if it could have been known ahead of time how terrible this particular month would have been, i would have begged and prayed to You to be allowed to go to You to serve You in any way You needed to make You as comfortable as possibly could be. The only thing i can do and will do now and forever more is what You mentioned on twitter, i will plug my fuck hole with a tampon every month from the beginning of Your period to the end in remembrance of the inner workings of Your beautiful body.

    Even though at this moment and until at least Sunday when the clock strikes midnight [or until You grant me permission to cum in Your Holy Name] my owned dicklet is physically locked in Your precious chastity cage, i loved reading Your detailed description for those without a cock cage to abstain for anytime type of sexual pleasure.Even though that filthy part of my body that You own is locked away safe and sound, i actually need to also follow those same rules as if i was not physically locked up. Your cock cage is a huge safety measure, but it is not dummy proof for a dirty little horny slut like me.Thank You Goddess Kyaa for You rules and inspiration.


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