Improve Your Submission

Are you submissive? Do you want to be better at submitting, better at pleasing your Owner? Then you need to actively learn more about submission, teaching yourself submissive skills, studying and mediating on the philosophy of submission, working hard to become the best submissive you can be.

I’ve had requests for more educational blog posts, specifically I have had quite a few requests for more Philosophy of a Femme Domme videos. While I won’t be publishing more Philosophy of a Femme Domme videos for free as I did years ago, I will likely start putting them up for sale at a very reasonable price so if you are interested in hearing my thoughts on these subjects in video form you can purchase the clips.

In the next few weeks you wlll find those videos available on my Kinkbomb and Clips4Sale. But for those of you seeking free information, you’re in luck. I have a series of educational blog posts planned that will be published here on for free. Count your blessings, because you bitches are going to benefit from my growing interest in sex/kink education. If I’m ever to teach classes on these subjects I’ll need to refine my lesson plans, and you’ll be my guinea pigs.

Below you’ll find a simple little lesson for any sub interested in learning more about their kink and how to become a better submissive.

Learn Anything About Your Fetishes And Improve Your Submission:

The most useful lesson I could ever possible each anyone interested in learning more about kink/fetishes/BDSM or any other fathomable subject is to use the Internet! Search engines like Google exist so that you can easily find answers to any question you could possibly pose. Don’t hesitate to just type in whatever you are curious about, any questions you have, or just keywords. Experiment, try many searches. Try going back a few pages, don’t just look at the first few results. Dig around, read, watch videos. There is an unlimited amount of information available, and it’s growing every day.

Having the motivation/dedication to take the time to educate yourself as a submissive will go a long way with me as a Domme. When I see that you’re going out of your way to improve yourself without having to be told specifically what to do and how to do it (and repeatedly!) I will be very pleased. I’m sure other Dommes feel much the same way. Surprise the woman who owns you (or the woman you want to own you) and start working hard to improve your self as a submissive today!

Here’s a good start. This link is just 1 of many articles I found online doing a simple search. After you’ve read this try doing a search or two of your own. See what you find, but whatever you do… don’t just start wanking to the first porn you find!

5 thoughts on “Improve Your Submission

  1. One of the most important and useful things i have learned is to learn about Your owner, what pleases Her? What can you do to please Her? It’s not always about how much money you can tribute (though that is good). Take time to learn what pleases Her, read and inwardly digest Her writings, find gifts that will surprise and delight Her and make a gift of that, be it performing a task of an actual physical gift.
    The joy i feel when i get it right is indescribable ! Remember that “submission” is replacing you wants and needs with those of your Owner. Her wants and needs should become yours.
    Submitting your “inner” self your Id and your ego to Her and loving it.
    The moments when pleasing your Owner transcend simple sexual feelings and you feel a deep sense of fulfillment from pleasing Her are (for me) moments of true submission.
    This i have learned from that true joy of serving You Divine One, You are The Power and The Glory, You are Everything.

    1. When I read Goddess Kyaa’s post, my thoughts of how to eagerly and appropriately respond were running amok. Then I read your reply KB, and it said everything perfectly! About “inwardly digesting Her writings”…coming up with personal “gifts”…the joy you feel “when you get it right” being indescribable…the “deep sense of fulfillment” you get from pleasing Her. You nailed it! If there was one tiny extra thing I would have wanted to say, it would be that in addition to the “deep sense of fulfillment”, there is an equally deep sense of pure EXCITEMENT that I feel for just being ALLOWED to submit to our Goddess. It is a true thrill just to TRY to please and amuse Her Perfection. I literally TREMBLE with excitement…it just builds with anticipation and courses right through me…every time I have an opportunity to take ‘time out’ from other responsibilities and simply read Her words on this blog. To learn what She has been up to. To catch up with Her latest thoughts and antics and twists. To think that the words I am reading here, which never fail to send me into submissive heaven, were actually thought by Her and written by Her.

      To me, being allowed any little glimpse into the life and mind and muses of Goddess Kyaa is so exciting, and SUCH a privilege. I look forward to it so much. AND…knowing that I have that treat to look forward to, I sincerely believe that I am a better, more focused, more devoted and committed person – to everything else that matters in my life – than I could ever be without that. It might sound ridiculous, but submission to The Goddess Kyaa is therapeutic and cathartic. She accepts the best and the worst in me as Her pet, and helps me to recognize both in myself. For all of that, I am forever grateful to Her.

      1. So true, we, the devoted can and should learn from each other so we can all become better more devoted and useful Kyaaists. The better we serve the better we are, and that is what we are for after all !
        To serve and praise The Divine One !

  2. To be used as Your guinea pig would be, and is a privilege Goddess Kyaa. What i have learned so far in five short years of my unconditional surrender to You is, that i still have a lot to learn. On the surface “having a lot to learn” sometimes can be daunting, but the reality is that living life for You, serving You, unconditionally surrendering to You and being owned by You for eternity, “having a lot to learn” is inspiring and is a blessing from You that manifests itself daily.

    To date, what seems to be the most daunting or intimidating, and the most challenging so far in my sole purpose in life to make You happy is the “everyday” lifestyle changes that seem to be so hard to remove or strip away in order to serve You better and be the best slave i can be for You. What i have learned is that because i have not totally [almost, but not completely] accomplished those changes that must be made, it leads me into other sins, that i must beg Your forgiveness for.
    The comfort is that although You are cruel, evil and sadistic, You are also a forgiving God, and with Your stimulating power that only You have over me, it is exciting to know that someday soon i will get it through my warped mind, and You will not need to repeatedly tell me the same thing over and over.


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