For those of you who don’t pay attention to my Twitter you may not have heard that the DommeDose, a femdom blog/forum site run by a well-known subby slut, is no longer being updated. Said subby slut has gone MIA (there are rumors a-plenty regarding why/where he stopped updating/replying to emails/seems to have vanished, but I won’t share idle gossip) creating an urgent need for something I’ve always wanted to see… a femdom run femdom blog/forum site!

The DD stopped being updated just a few weeks ago but there is already something even better to replace it. I am happy to show you, owned, designed and managed by Domina Kiara, this new site is by femdoms for femdoms! Now you good boys can happily use this site knowing that you aren’t supporting a site run by a slutty sub who doesn’t know what being obedient or loyal means if it hit him in the face, nor will you have to struggle to avoid hater comments from asshole not-actually-submissive-wanna-be-slaves. Now you can read kick ass blog posts, find clip reviews, an awesome list of verified dommes (so you don’t get tricked into sending money to a guy again!), a “Humiliation Station” where you can submit your loser pictures for some public humiliation (bonus, submit your pics with MY name on your body and show EVERYONE how much you love to humiliate yourself for me), interviews with top Dommes, exclusive content and so much more. There will soon be more features added including a forum, so you slave boys can submit your own dirty stories, thoughts on femdom and more.


Make sure to visit this site daily! Help drive it’s traffic through the roof. Read and comment on posts, especially any post written by or about me!

3 thoughts on “

  1. Thank You for advising Your slaves of this new site Goddess Kyaa. It will be a treat to honor You through it. Your sissy`s mind is freaking out a bit wondering what might have become of the `subby slut`who hosted DommeDose. I can`t help imaging him being held helpessly captive by a group of the Dommes he had been posting about for so long…being tormented and re-educated (WOW…YAY for him, when I think about that) about what he could and should have done better.

    Shaking head and jiggling Your sissy bell to clear the thoughts about the `idle gossip`.

    Your sissy has posted a reply to Your delightful GreedyGoddess post about International Male Chastity Day. Your sissy will absolutely be observing it in Your honor, Goddess Kyaa. Truth be told, it has already begun. Your owned clitty and balls are locked, and the key is out to delivery service not to be returned until next Thursday. Your sissy thought it should make it International Male Chastity WEEK…at least for YOU!! Dooohhhhh!!!

  2. Thank You Goddess Kyaa for Your direction on another avenue, in a brand new way, to Worship Your existence, Praise Your Holy Name and humiliate, suffer and degrade ourselves for Your pure sadistic glory.

  3. is going to be an Excellent site; Thank You Domina Kiara for creating it. Females being in charge is the only way to go, DD will not be missed.


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