Perverting the Olympic Winter Games

On February 7th the 2014 Winter Olympics will begin, starting more than 2 weeks of global competition in 15 different winter sports. While I won’t be tuning in to watch the countless hours of coverage this event will receive, I will use this rich tradition, spanning back to antiquity, to fuck with your pervert minds. I enjoy twisting traditions like the Olympics, turning them into my own kinky entertainment with the help of my many minions.

This is my first year perverting the Olympics, but I’m sure it won’t be my last. I don’t have a complex set of loser games… YET, but rest assured, I’m working on it.

Try choosing any one (or more) of the sports listed on the 2014 Winter Olympics wikipedia page (see the screenshot below) and come up with your OWN way to pervert it.

wiki olympics

Or just make up your own filthy Winter Olympics game! Have an idea, post it in the comments!

I’d like to see more submissions like the one below. It will be fun to see what you dirty bitches come up with for me! While you don’t have to take the time to edit together a clip like this (but it is SO easy and free to do with Windows Movie Maker!) you can send in photos or just post a comment below describing how you tried to compete in my Loser Olympics.

Humiliate yourself and share it with the world, I’ll judge the best entries and your reward will be the sense of satisfaction you get from making me laugh.

A few ideas to get you started:

Figure skating: dress up in a shimmery, sheer, tight outfit and prance around in your living room like you’re figure skating. Record it and send it in to me!

Curling: get a big ice blog and a stick, slide it around your house, but do it with a butt plug up your ass or high heels on.

My own pervy Winter Olympics games:

1. How Many Icecubes! How many icecubes can you fit up your ass! Start stuffing, it’s going to be COLD! All you get is 2 minutes to fit as many as you can… ready, set… GO!

2…. I’ll add more when I think of more!

I have a feeling that the Summer Games will be easier. Few of you have access to wide open spaces or deep snow or I’d order you to go skiing naked or sliding down a hill like this sissy.

What do you think of my Loser Olympics ideas? Have any of your own? Comment below!



10 thoughts on “Perverting the Olympic Winter Games

  1. Just like in the regular Winter Olympics, where one competitor is competing `for Norway`and another `for Germany`, etc., it might be awesome if the Mistresses in Goddess Kyaa`s `circle` selected certain slaves of theirs to enter into particular competitions `for them`. To compete on their behalf to try to show who has the most obedient, adoring, and humiliated slaves. Entries could be posted on a website…heck…maybe THAT would be a challenge to ALL slaves to get their asses in gear and submit to their owners wholeheartedly throughout the whole sissy olympics period. It could be advertised & promoted, all for the amusement and profit of Goddess Kyaa & Her friends! Each could require whatever `tribute` They might decide appropriate from slaves for the privilege of participating in Their honor! What fun could be had all around!

  2. Thank You Goddess Kyaa for replacing the Winter Olympics with Your loser Winter Olympics thus giving them true meaning. Having played ice in the ass before, never would it be so much fun to participate and play as part of Your Winter games.


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