Announcing February 2014’s Clip Addict Contest!


At the end of February I will total up the clip sales on my Kinkbomb studio by customer and the highest 3 spenders will win personalized packages from me with Kinkbomb swag, a signed and dated card from me and a worn item of clothing from my wardrobe!

Since is one of my favorite websites and I know so many of my fans and subbie clip-addicts love using it to collect my kinky videos, I’m running this contest especially for those of you who shop on my Kinkbomb studio. While I hate to leave the subbies on a budget and slave-boys who use Clips4Sale out of the running for this month’s contest, I promise to run another contest later in the year that doesn’t require you to spend money. The official contest rules are below. Read them carefully! It is important that you email me with your mailing address once you have made your first purchase in February so I can mail you your prize if you win!

Start spending on February 1st! Spend every day, all day, until you have nothing left. Sell your TV, your liver, do whatever you have to do to get more money so you can buy more clips. Even if you have all of my clips (and I know a few of you who damn-near do!) then just buy them over again, all that matters is that you buy clips until you go broke. Do it and you just might win this awesome contest! When is the last time you won anything, loser? Now you really have a chance, all you have to do is buy my clips… and you love doing that anyway!

My Kinkbomb Studio:

Official Contest Description:

The top 3 spenders in the month of February on Goddess Kyaa’s Kinkbomb studio will be awarded with a personalized package mailed to them in March.
1. To enter the contest you must purchase video clips here: (Only 1 purchase necessary to enter the contest) AND email Domme.Kyaa@ with “February 2014 Clip Addict Contest” in the subject line and your mailing address in the body of the email. All mailing addresses and emails will be kept private, only to be used if you win the contest so that you can receive your prize. No postage or payment is required to receive your prize.
2. There will be 3 winners. Each winner will be awarded prizes of equal value though the exact content of the package may vary.
3. The prize for each winner will be a personalized package that will include Kinkbomb logo promotional items, a signed photograph of Goddess Kyaa, a personally worn item from Goddess Kyaa’s wardrobe.
4. Winners will be determined based on the amount of money (calculated in USD) spent in total by each individual contestant on video clips on between February 1st and 28th 2014. Tributes do not count. Only money spent purchasing video clips counts towards your total for the contest.
5. Prizes will be awarded by March 31st 2014
6. In the event of a tie each contestant that is tied will get a prize. There will be no tie breakers.
Email with any questions or comments regarding this contest.

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