My AVN/AEE 2014 Recap Part 1

1. This post was typed up & nearly ready to be published by the time I left Las Vegas but between my girlfriend, my cats and the overwhelming sense of “I-Don’t-Give-A-Shit-Anymore” that greeted me upon my arrival at home, it hasn’t seen the light of day until now. Nearly a week I’ve been home, and I don’t even remember the first 2 days. I just slept covered in my cats, only stirring to eat and piss. Then I spent the next few days in a sweaty sex fest with my girlfriend, only slowing to eat and piss. Today was the first day I actually got anything tangible done since I got home. It’s the longest break I’ve had in a year or more. Thank fuck! I needed that.

2. This post is massive. I mean huge. If you’re directly linked to it, just know that there are a ton of photos, a video and so much text. If you want to have damn near every sordid detail of my Vegas adventures this month, you got it. If that’s just too much, scroll through and oogle the pictures, there are more than enough.

3. Take a moment to COMMENT when you’re done and thank me for putting this all together for you perverts. I know you live vicariously through me, since my life is and will always be so much more interesting than yours. Show your gratitude, give a little feedback, ask a question even. That’s what the comment section is for.

Read the post I put together in preparation for this epic trip: In it I tell you about last year’s Kinkbomb parties and explain what the AVN’s/AEE is, for those of you who are confused and can’t use google.
This read’s basically like a diary of my trip, enjoy all the kinky details!
Day 1, Monday:
Edit: I almost forgot! I was spotted on the plane by a fan:
monday 1
Arrived in the morning. Checked into my hotel and then went off the strip to buy supplies for the week. I saved over $100 by just buying an electric kettle for my suite & making my own tea (instead of paying $5+ per tea at the coffee place inside the hotel.) Between that and having my slave around to run errands for me I felt like I was able to make the trip so much more efficient than last year. Also, footrubs on demand!

monday 2

In the early afternoon both Princess Nyx (yes, she’s my real sister) and my permanently collared slave Goodboy4Kyaa arrived. They joined me at the hotel where we promptly began setting up for our first shoot. I wasted no time and had my slave changing into his new butler uniform as soon as we were in my suite, he then was ordered to unpack and set up my lights and unpack and put away all of my clothing. Oh, how I do love having a slave around to do my bidding.
Princess Rene joined that evening for a fun shoot with one of her slaves. That night I filmed triple femdom and humiliation clips with Nyx and Rene, then Rene and I dominated our slaves on film in a spitting clip for her store and a dehumanization/pony play video for my store.
Monday night was relatively quiet. Princess Nyx and I went out to dinner and relaxed in the suite, getting to bed early for our shoot the next day. Funny to think that a day spent dominating slaves in a luxurious suite would be a “relatively quiet” night for us.
Day 2, Tuesday:
Nyx and I met Miss Lollipop for breakfast. We feasted (Holy balls, the Bacchanal Buffet at Caesars Palace is my favorite breakfast ever!) then headed back to my massive suite to film. We spent the first part of the shoot filming triple femdom clips (Lolli is a switch, which means she both submits and dominates, depending on the situation!) together, so you can look forward to seeing videos of the 3 of us on each of our stores soon.
Then Nyx headed out shopping, with my slave in his butler uniform attending to her every whim. I stayed with Lolli in the suite and kept filming, but we switched gears from femdom clips to some kinky lesbian bdsm goodness. I spanked her, fucked her mouth with my strap on cock, she sucked my feet while I rubbed her pussy and I tied her up and used a brass-knuckle dildo to fuck her until her sweet pussy squirted lady cum all over the place. All of it was filmed and all of it will be up for sale in the next few months!
When the shoot was over Lolli left and Princess Nyx returned with her arms laden with bags from shopping. Damn, that girl can shop! She managed to find so many perfect sexy little dresses it’s just shocking. She barely had room to pack it all into her luggage.That night we took it pretty easy again, knowing that starting Wednesday sleep would be hard to find.
tuesday 3 tuesday 2

Domme Kyaa Las Vegas Jan 2014(27)

Behind the scenes with Lolli and the brass knuckle dildo #1
Behind the scenes with Lolli and the brass knuckle dildo #1
Behind the scenes with Lolli and the brass knuckle dildo #2
Behind the scenes with Lolli and the brass knuckle dildo #2

tuesday 4

Day 3, Wednesday:
Nyx and I had my slave bring us breakfast in bed Wednesday morning and then tidy the room. In the early afternoon Mistress T came over. Luckily for you bitches we filmed, Princess Nyx joined us to help me create a hot taboo clip in which two sexy sisters find out that they have a perv for a daddy so they tell their new step-mom (played by the one and only Mistress T) who helps them deal with the difficult and embarrassing situation. Mistress T and I also did a fun height-difference fetish video. She’s about 4’11” making me a full foot taller than she is, when we stand barefoot next to each other the difference between us is extreme, Then we filmed a make out video, but I’ll be honestly… I just wanted an excuse to make out with this minx again. If T was my step-mom I’d attend family events more often!
After Mistress T left we had less than an hour before Jasmine Mendez arrived to film. Neither Princess Nyx or I had ever met or filmed with her before but she’s already becoming one of my favorite findoms. We filmed some great clips, including a fantastic shrinking fantasy/giantess fetish video that will make you feel as small and helpless as a bug!
By the time we finished shooting with Jasmine it was time to head out to the first Kinkbomb dinner/club night. Wednesday through Saturday Kinkbomb throws huge parties around Las Vegas for the AVNs/AEE. Of course, being their top studio, I was invited to attend and given VIP treatment. These events are insane. Gourmet food unlimited alcohol, dancing all night, strippers, go go dancers, slaves giving foot rubs, and of course partying with the hottest Dommes in the fucking world.  Wednesday we hit up Sugar Factory for food and  a VIP table at Chateaus afterwards. That means insane over-the-top sugary foods and drinks then a VIP table with bottle service over a dozen gorgeous Dommes in a nearby club. And that’s “taking it easy” for the Kinkbomb crew.
Filming is only a flimsy excuse.
Filming is only a flimsy excuse.

Domme Kyaa Las Vegas Jan 2014(41)

Just hanging out, being sisters. Think of the many hours we spend hanging out mostly naked, it's no big thing, we're sisters. But to you perverts... well, I'll just let your filthy minds run wild.
Just hanging out, being sisters. Think of the many hours we spend hanging out mostly naked, it’s no big thing, we’re sisters. But to you perverts… well, I’ll just let your filthy minds run wild.

wed 5 wed 4 wed 3 wed 2 wed 1 Read this blog post, I put it up while I was still in Vegas last week! It has a video showing off my suite and a ton of pictures:

I will post Thursday – Monday in a second post! This is just too fucking huge already. So many photos, so much text! And it still only scratches the surface of everything I did in Vegas this month.

6 thoughts on “My AVN/AEE 2014 Recap Part 1

  1. I’ve only just discovered your existence, Goddess. All of my life leading up to this discovery has become irrelevant and pointless. Thank you for allowing me to have a glimpse into the your life.

  2. Thank you goddess. I’d be privileged to be at your feet, trembling in fear of your power, and your unlimited wickedness. I’m in awe of you Goddess.

  3. Thank You so much Divine One for using Your valuable time to share Your adventures with us ! You know so well that such glimpses into Your life is a thrill for the devoted, and a highlight in our lives. It is so wonderful to see You like this so in controle and sensuous.
    You are a shining star both in Your chosen field and in the lives of Your followers

    You are EVERYTHING !.

  4. Thank You Goddess Kyaa for giving me the best, most exciting week of my life. All because of You. Believe it or not,what kind of still sticks out in my little mind is when You were filming…”sex” #blush i was allowed to go with Princess Nyx and shop. What makes that special is, it was the first time Her and i were without You, i don’t really know Her without You, and visa verse, but in the end it worked out good. i had a little minor attitude fuck up at the end, but i don’t dwell on fuck ups, i learn from them.i think Princess Nyx and i walked 10-15-20 miles…haha i was sore the next day..that Woman can shop. Thank You Goddess Kyaa and Princess Nyx. Thank You very much for Your patience with me.


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