2014 The Year of The Sadistic Sisters

If you follow me on Twitter you know I’m insanely busy filming in Las Vegas. Still, I somehow take the time to bless you bitches with this free vlog Princess Nyx and I shot when she was visiting in December. I originally planned to have it out on Monday, but of course with what a busy day I had yesterday I didn’t get around to it. Luckily I stayed up a bit tonight to upload this clip so you boys have something to tide you over until I share photos from this awesome trip in a huge blog post when I return home.




And follow @PrincessNyx1, she doesn’t tweet much but when she does pay attention because it’s important.


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5 thoughts on “2014 The Year of The Sadistic Sisters

  1. What a phenomenal, taunting, mind-twisting video Goddess Kyaa (AND OOHHH Princess Nyx…hope ’21’ is all You are anticipating it will be!). You BOTH know that Your sissy adores and eagerly ‘eats up’ anything and everything You do! Not that I really have any choice in the matter, being kept happily OWNED, hairless, sissified, and obedient the way You’ve taught me.

    So here’s to the absolute BEST to You both for 2014, in all its promising dimensions! And OMGoddess Kyaa & Princess Nyx…what a WONDERFUL thought that if Your sissy’s ‘other’ life schedule might not ‘sync’ with when You are together in the same space, it might be able to experience the joy of submitting to You both simultaneously on cam via Skype anyway!

    THAT thought alone is already bringing incredibly exciting and humiliating ideas to Your sissy’s mind! And thrilling it in its own anticipation of a GREAT 2014 existing as Your helpless slave.

  2. Thank You Divine One and thank You Princess Nyx for this clip, though my year started badly You have already blasted away the dark clouds with You kindness and now this ! i’m wishing away the days ! So much for us all to look forward to !
    my 5th year as a devout Kyaaist and looking like the best yet.
    Divine Goddess Kyaa You are Everything !

  3. Thank you for this amazing post Goddess,you both look beautiful, i’m truly sorry none of us commented earlier and showed our appreciation. Btw, is Princess Nyx your blood sister Goddess?


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