Fanmail, Slave Assignments & My New Haircut

When you send me fanmail I read it, even if I may not reply, I read it. Understand that I get dozens of emails a day and if I took the time to respond to every one I’d never have the time to create and publish all the awesome content you find on stores.

So I encourage you boys to keep sending that fanmail in, if I like it enough I’ll flag it and eventually reply or perhaps even feature it in a fanmail post like this.

When I give assignments I actually intend for you to DO them. Few follow through, but when you do you are rewarded. The slave who wrote this essay has little to no money to offer me, but by obeying me and working hard he can at least earn a bit of recognition. And even a few free photos sent via email in response to the email in which he sent this essay.

I had my first session with Domme Kyaa in around 2010 on glamworship and the feeling she gave me while talking down to me was one of the best experiences with a dome I have ever had. She truly felt like she was enjoying what she was doing and that is one of the most important aspects of a good mistress. That’s the reason that i’ve come back for another round of being dominated by the wonderful Kyaa.

I find it hard getting into relationships with women so I figure that this is my best option at this point. To be Mistress Kyaas bitch, at least she’ll get some amusement from my existence even if I can’t satisfy her properly at least she’ll still get something out of me this way. Ideally i’d love to be her domestic bitch, do her housework, run her errands and generally make her life as pleasant as possible. I doubt that this is possible at the end of the day but hopefully she can find a use for me somehow.

I don’t have much money which is a shame because supporting Kyaa financially would be ideal, especially if i had a large pay check week by week to help support that so i’m not sure how useful i’d be at the end of the day. Im hoping Kyaa can find a use for me somehow.

Even tough I’m not a real man with little to no confidence hopefully I can please her somehow, maybe put a smile on her face by dressing up like a sissy idiot or something, because at the end of the day i feel more comfortable dressed up in girly clothes anyway. Maybe she can find a place for me, in her stable of idiot losers. It’s all that I can really hope for with the lot life has given me unfortunately. Maybe I just need to look at it as a possible and be grateful to this wonderful opportunity that Mistress Kyaa has given someone as undeserving as me.

Domme Kyaa is one of the most beautiful domes that i have ever come across, both in physical beauty, charisma and all round attitude so at the end of the day I’ll probably be happy to do whatever i can for her whatever it may be, and even though i probably don’t deserve to do so because of my financial situation. Hopefully i can do my best and something will work out. Maybe one day I could even serve her in person if i ever make it to the US, that would obviously be the ultimate goal for me!

Being that is however very unlikely i’ll try my best to do the tasks set out for me as best i can and also tribute when i can as well. Hopefully this will be enough to partially make Domme Kyaa’s life partially better to some small extent.

I got a haircut yesterday. Don’t panic, it was just a trim. Everyone seems to be loving the new bangs/fringe. My hair stylist said “it makes you look as dominant on the outside as you are inside.”

hair before 2 hair before

hair cut

There will be many more photos coming up of me with my sexy new sharp look when I arrive in Vegas on Monday morning! Tonight and tomorrow I will spend with my girlfriend and my cats. I need a little down time before the insanity begins.

Send tributes and buy clips while I relax. It’s what good boys do.

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Boobies! Because... boobies!
Boobies! Because… boobies!

3 thoughts on “Fanmail, Slave Assignments & My New Haircut

  1. Your sissy adores Your new haircut Goddess Kyaa. It frames Your exquisite face so wonderfully, and somehow accentuates even further Your smirking lips that drive straight to my sissy clitty every time, making it throb denuded and ridiculous for You in its chastity cage. And Your ‘Boobies! Because…boobies!’ pic??? OOOHHH! SO not fair! But SO adored in my helplessness for Your Perfection!

  2. Thank You for taking the time to post yet again Divine One, this is an extremely interesting post, we all know You have many fans, slaves and worshipers but we seldom know of each others devotion to You. It is wonderful to know that new devotees of Kyaaism are praying to You daily, i wonder just how many of us kneel in prayer each day.
    If i may i would like to say to any one afraid to declare their devotion to You for fear of not been “wealthy enough” serve faithfully, do what you can when ever you can, use your imagination, read all you can about The Divine One, learn ways to please Her that don’t cost £1000’s, but always tribute as much as you can. Devotion brings rewards. The Divine Goddess Kyaa is Everything, serving Her and pleasing Her will bring you joy you never thought possible!


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