Christmas Catchup – Saying “Thank You!” For All My Gifts!

Since Christmas I’ve been going flat out, and I mean balls to the wall, without a moment’s rest. I’m so excited for next week that I seem to have an unlimited amount of energy, I am focused and motivated, getting shit done like superwoman around here. Much of it is behind the scenes, stuff you boys can’t see, but you’ll like the eventual results of my efforts, I assure you.

The Femdom Christmas Special was quite the event!
The Femdom Christmas Special was quite the event!

Before I get into the meat of this post I’ll list just a few of these unseen accomplishments I’ve achieved in the last 2 weeks:

Confirmed shoots with 6 awesome Dommes/models, arranged a photo shoot with a professional photographer, packed & shipped all the filming equipment including sex toys and lighting gear, created an extensive filming plan so I can maximize each shoot’s potential number of videos, pre-added videos to Kinkbomb and Clips4Sale so each day I’m in Vegas and for 3 days after I return there will be videos automatically publishing, created tumblr posts for each video I pre-added so when it publishes there is a tumblr post about it that will go up at the same time and create a tweet that will automatically publish (this way you boys get links to my videos on twitter even when I’m busy filming!), and I’ve started work on some epic new compilation videos (but they won’t be out for a monthish). I’ve done all of this while working out nearly daily, helping my slave goodboy4Kyaa prepare to serve me in Vegas for a week, cleaning/rearranging my closet room (yes I have a whole room as a closet) and making plans for my anniversary on the 1st of February.

Suffice to say, I’m due a break. I’ll take Saturday and Sunday to relax before I leave for Las Vegas and when I return on the 20th you shouldn’t expect me online for 5-7 days! I’ll be taking a much deserved at-home vacation in my bed, curled up with my girlfriend and my cats.

Now, onto the real reason I’m taking time to post up anything other than a blog about next week’s trip to Sin City: I haven’t done a post with photos of all my Christmas gifts! I got SO many this year, but with the Femdom Christmas Special keeping me busy I forgot to share these photos and thank all the subbies who spoiled me for Christmas last year!

Of course I’d love to list you all by  name but I just don’t have the time right now. Instead what I’m going to do is offer any slave who purchased me a Christmas gift a FREE VIDEO. All you have to do is comment below, telling everyone what gift you bought (or if you sent a tribute/egift card leave that in the comment) then email me with proof of your purchase. I will reply to your email with a download link to a free video that I’ll film in Las Vegas next week! Post your comment and send me your email in the next 2 weeks to receive your “thank you” video.

Even though many of you don’t deserve it, all you do is lurk and wank it without spending, even showing your gratitude through comments or completing public assignments, I’m going to share the rest of the photos from Christmas that I’ve yet to publish. There are enough good boys out there who have earned a treat that the rest of are getting lucky!

So THANK YOU to all of the slaves, subbies and fans out there who spoiled me for Christmas 2013! I love seeing how many of you went out of your way to make sure I received everything I wanted and more.


These are screenshots from Christmas themed clips, some filmed with Princess Nyx and some without, plus a few from some non-holiday videos filmed with Princess Nyx.

You’re welcome.

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7 thoughts on “Christmas Catchup – Saying “Thank You!” For All My Gifts!

  1. Thank You Divine One for taking the time to make such a massive post !
    i am so very, very happy that my gift pleases You ! You know that for myself and all the devoted pleasing You is our overriding desire, reading those wonderful words with the pictures of my gifts fill my heart with (slavish) pride and my whole being with joy, the perfect end to my year!
    i am so happy right now !
    You truly are Everything !


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