New Years Themed Clips!

I have no new New Years themed videos for you addicts this year, but don’t worry. I have quite a few from previous years. It seems unlikely to me that any but a few of you would have collected all of these clips already. So if you don’t have them, buy them and if you do have them comment below telling everyone how awesome it is to spend New Years Eve watching my videos.

New Years 2011

New Years 2011 Rip Off




New Years 2011 Countdown with Domme Kyaa!




New Years 2011 Humiliation




In 2012 I had Domme Jayne stay with me for New Years and we filmed some epicly hot videos. These are a must have for every addicts collection.

The NYE Kiss You Will Never Have




365 Days of Chastity Begins At Midnight – Domme Kyaa and Domme Jayne



Click pay and stroke! Those are your simply instructions for this New Years Eve. I know it’s not very exciting but between the live show I did on Christmas day and the AVNs next month I have enough on my plate already! Funny how I didn’t feel the need to rush some hastily made NYE cum countdown video today when I realized I had no New Years themed videos for 2013/14.

My needs/desires are far more important than yours.

Still I am curious… do you have a New Years resolution for 2014? If so, comment below! If not, I have a few suggestions.

1. If you do not serve me already make your resolution this: “My resolution is to commit myself to serving Goddess Kyaa in 2014, 2014 will be my year of submission to Goddess Kyaa!”

2. If you serve me but know you could be doing better: “My resolution is to be the best slave I can be, 2014 will be a year of renewed dedication and hard work in the name of the Goddess I worship!”

NYE 14

5 thoughts on “New Years Themed Clips!

  1. GODDESS KYAA was born to be worshiped and we were born to worship HER

    to spend the rest of my life under my GODDESS KYAA feet and do what ever my GODEESS demand and order, to perform any duties an orders she demand and always HER happy and satisfy bu perodmign any orders anywhere and everywhere she requested .

    to die for HER to live, to be humiliated for HER to be our GODDESs

    SHE is our only leader in this world and we were born to follow HER, and we were born to be HER slaves and to follow HER and to live under HER holy feet

  2. It’s sometimes hard to comment when i keep staring up and can’t take my loser eyes off of this Holy photo.Thank You Goddess Kyaa! Beginning with thanksgiving, Your videos for the holidays of 2011 changed me forever. Obeying all of Your holiday instructions in 2011 changed me. It was total unconditional surrender unto Your power and control and i venture to say the beginning of Your transformation of my mind ,body and soul. New Years Eve 2011 was fantastic! It was so much fun all because of You. Those videos could be used every year, just change the year. The best!

    After 2011, 2012 was nice because that was being allowed to watch You have a great time with Domme Jayne, where as in 2011 ,You “spent” New Years Eve “with” Your flock of minions. This year is about what You said, “My resolution is to be the best slave I can be, 2014 will be a year of renewed dedication and hard work in the name of the Goddess I worship!”.

    Like any “first time” i am a little partial to the holidays of 2011, and i am eternally grateful to You for them. Thank You Goddess Kyaa!

  3. My new year resolution for 2014 :
    to be happy, do better in my job, finish my book, and be a better submissive boy and get my balls busted until I pass out 🙂
    Happy 2014 Goddess Kyaa


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