Quick Update: Catching up on sleep

While Princess Nyx was here we barely slept, we were too busy having fun* together to rest. That means I’m running on very low reserves at this point and so I must admit that I am exhausted. I’ve already napped since she left this afternoon but I still find myself thinking of crawling back in bed to hibernate for a dozen hours or so. Instead of pushing myself I’m going to take the weekend for myself. Right now my plan is to nosh on leftovers from Christmas dinner, hang out with my girlfriend, catch up on Doctor Who, work out a bit, sleep (a lot!) and if you’re lucky I’ll tweet a couple of sexy pictures.

I still have more to share from the Femdom Christmas Special and with the holidays over I’m making the final preparations for my trip the Las Vegas next month so you can look forward to news and updates on that as well.

But you’ll have to wait until late this weekend/early in the week. Right now I need to catch up on some “me” time!

*Fun for Princess Nyx and me means draining the wallets of horny bitches and dressing up in hot outfits and filming videos that will make piggies compulsively click and pay. Also it means playing video games, baking pies, playing with my cats, watching Christmas movies and spending hours upon hours talking as sisters are want to do.

Even though I’m resting up you can find new videos on Kinkbomb and Clips4Sale daily!



PS: Don’t forget to check out the last dozen or so blog posts. I’ve been updating a lot this month and you’re sure to have missed something. Go back a few pages and read everything. Remember, good boys comment on every post!

5 thoughts on “Quick Update: Catching up on sleep

  1. Thank You Goddess Kyaa for speaking. Hope You have a really nice relaxing weekend.i also would like to thank You and Princess Nyx for a very wonderful Kyaamas season and giving christ-mas it’s true meaning.

  2. Please rest Divine One, You do so much for Your devoted and adoring worshipers, You work so hard giving us the drug we crave. Thank You to both You and Princess Nyx for all that You have given us this Kyaamas.


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