Femdom Christmas Special screenshots

This is what you missed yesterday.

Femdom Christmas Special screenshots:

xmas day 1

xmas day 2

xmas day 3

xmas day 4

xmas day 5

xmas day 6

That was all just from the noon show!

Then we got back on cam at 5pm for a sexy feast. We ate (no screenshots that I know of) and did a mini cooking show where we showed everyone how to make whipped cream.

nyx sunset

cooking with kyaa and nyx

Finally we came back at 8pm  for the extra special sexy tease and cum instructions. We didn’t have anyone in the room taking screenshots during the last 10 minute ass worship tease but Princess Nyx filmed a clip of it so you boys can look forward to that! The screenshots below are ones I or Princess Nyx took before the tip goal was reached and everyone watching got their final Christmas gift from us.

xmas night 4 xmas night 3 xmas night 2 xmas night 1

xmas night 2

I’m too tired to write more now. So just drool over these screen shots and go punch yourself in the balls if you missed this awesome day of FREE cam. It’s not likely to happen again anytime soon. Perhaps ever.

5 thoughts on “Femdom Christmas Special screenshots

  1. Thank You both Goddess Kyaa and Princess Nyx for this historic event. You both looked so beautiful and had everyone in the room weak.

  2. That was a beautiful way to spend Christmas Eve and Day. As the day moved along i guess my most prevailing thought was that You and Princess Nyx did that for nothing. That was very,very nice to do that.That’s what made it special to me.Thank You very much to You and Princess Nyx, i will never forget Christmas 2013.

    About the minor video issues, and with the benefit of hindsight, i would have stayed with the high quality video. But that is just me,myself and i. Give me quality over quantity.#giggle. Thank You and Princess Nyx again, that was very special for You and Her to spend Your Christmas Day like that.

  3. Even though i miss so much of this fantastic event i still had a wonderful time been just a small part of it and for You, Divine One to tell me You liked the gifts i sent, well, that made my Kyaamas complete !
    i just hope that all those who were privileged to see You Both on cam fully understand that that were witnessing a totally unprecedented event !
    To Both You Divine One and The Beautiful Princess Nyx i pray in humble thanks.
    You are Both as kind as You are Beautiful!

    Praise be to The Living God Kyaa!


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