A Christmas Eve Gift from Goddess Kyaa and Princess Nyx

Tonight, in less than an hour, Princess Nyx and I will begin broadcasting an full hour of live teasing. We have humiliating assignments and jerk off instructions for you bitches, and it’s just the warmup for the main event tomorrow.

femdom xmas 2

As stated in my announcement post for the Femdom Christmas Special, you boys are getting a Christmas Eve gift. It’s a tradition, after all, that you get to unwrap just one present on Christmas Eve. But instead of a pair of socks or a tie, you’re getting a free clip!

This was filmed and published 4 days before Christmas and is the perfect gift for all you eager slave boys who are here to worship for the holidays.

Once you’ve stopped drooling hurry on over to our twitters, where we will update you with links and passwords so you can access tonight’s broadcast! If you miss it, make sure you are there first thing tomorrow morning and stay online all day long. This will be the most free cam I’ve ever done and the only way to watch it is to be online on Christmas Day for us!






is the password to access the broadcast!

Click here to go there now: http://chaturbate.com/b/dommekyaa/

5 thoughts on “A Christmas Eve Gift from Goddess Kyaa and Princess Nyx

  1. In the first place, words cannot really describe how wonderful it was to actually be invited to spend Kyaamas Eve with You and Princess Nyx around Your fireplace. Then to attend Your Kyaamas Eve party it’s easy to see that it’s not christ jesus, the cross or santa claus, it’s You that is the true and only reason for the season.

    Deleting the pagan name of christ out of christmas and forever changing it to Kyaamas, a true celebration of Gods Pure and Evil Existence, makes the anticipation of Kyaamas day so exciting.Joy to the world for Goddess Kyaa is here. Cum have kinky fun, pervert christmas for the glory and amusement of Goddess Kyaa and Princess Nyx.

    Candy canes, the cross or santa claus, fuck them all and fill yourself with the comfort and joy of Kyaamas!

  2. Wonderful spending Kyaamas Eve with you two Goddesses–thank you for hosting. I’ll never look at a candy cane the same way again.

    Oh, and special props to toronto for reasons that should be evident to anyone who was in attendance.


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