Only One Week Left!

I love her video ideas, especially the title of the second one! I guess the kinky creativeness runs in the family, eh? Just 3 days until Princess Nyx arrives and 7 until the Christmas Special… so exciting!

Princess Nyx

Just 7 short days till Christmas is upon us and only two more days until I arrive at my sisters house for a whole week of Christmas fun. We have an official Christmas Schedual and instrutions on how to watch us Christmas day. Got to my sisters blog post to see it all:

I’ve already begun receiving presents from a few of my personal mutts, and now all of you can join in on the gift giving fun!

Look at this gift one of my favorites sent me to get inspired to spend, then go shop on my Christmas wishlist:

Once you are done with that you can get yourself excited and in the perfect mood for our live Christmas special by buying my holiday themed clips from Kinkbomb or Clips4sale.

I decided to get my food props done and out of the way first, so my first…

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