Kyaamas 2013 Preparations

With just 10 days until Kyaamas it’s time for those of you who worship me as you one true Goddess to begin preparing for this sacred holy day.

This means collecting (if you don’t have them already) my Kyaamas themed videos, finding a time/place to worship on December 25th and of course make sure you have sent me, the Goddess you worship, a gift and/or tribute.

This year I have multiple new Kyaamas (and perverted Christmas) themed videos that will be released over the next 10 days. The first video, published this afternoon, is the next in a series of religious domination videos that I’ve filmed each December for four years!

Fuck Your Religion! Celebrate Kyaamas 2013




My holiday wishlist:

When you’re done buying clips for yourself and a gifts for me, read my previous Kyaamas blog posts to learn more about this special holiday for Kyaaists:

Tell me, worshipers… Is this your first year celebrating Kyaamas?

If so, tell me how you are going to celebrate Kyaamas this year!

If not, how many years have you been a Kyaaist? How have you celebrated Kyaamas in the past?

3 thoughts on “Kyaamas 2013 Preparations

  1. This also will be my 4th year celebrating Kyaamas, a most blessed time of the year!i do love the Kyaamas season.This year looks like it’s going to be the best yet. Excited in more ways than one. #blush


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