Spank Yourself Saturday

I’ve dubbed today “Spank Yourself Saturday” so gather up your paddles, spatulas, old shoes, hangers or whatever else you have close at hand and prepare to spank yourself!

Tonight you will not be allowed to cum until you’ve spanked yourself until your flesh is stinging and tender. I want you to learn to punish yourself for me. What a better classic form of punishment than a spanking to teach you to self administer.

Follow my instructions below and soon you’ll be beating your bitch ass for me.

1. Get something to spank yourself with, using your hands will not work. Get something stiff, but with some spring/flexibility. Make sure it has no sharp edges or bits that will break off when you hit yourself with it. Ideally you will use a riding crop or spanker of some kind but you will most like use something like a flip-flop or another type of flat shoe, a spatula, a hanger or another household object.

2. Kneel (with the object you’ll spank yourself with set by your knees), then lean forward onto all fours. Once you’re on all fours you need to lean forward, turn your head to one side and lay your face on the floor. With your face mushed against the floor and your knees on the ground, your ass should be high in the air.

3. Now reach back and grab your spanking object which should be on the ground by your knees. Reach your arm out with your spanking object in hand and bring it down swiftly on your ass. If you feel yourself hesitating, keep trying, it can take some time to get past the initial desire to hold back. Of course there is a natural instinct to resist harming oneself, but you will break that instinct and learn to beat yourself black and blue!

4. Once one cheek is feeling stingy-sore, switch sides and repeat!

I’ve recently released a new domination video where I savagely beat my gimp. Use this video as your inspiration while you abuse yourself, knowing that no matter how hard you beat yourself you can never reach intense level of pain my slave suffered in the filming of this video.

Watch me spank my gimp with nearly a dozen different cruel tools of torment in this new domination video.
Watch me spank my gimp with nearly a dozen different cruel tools of torment in this new domination video.




Don’t forget to report back here with feedback on how you did during this assignment. Once you have followed my instructions fully and your ass is red (both cheeks!) you may kneel once again, but this time you can jerk it… unless I have you locked in chastity/have denied your orgasms.



I am online tonight and oh-so-ravishing in my shiny pantyhose, leg warmers and sheer tee shirt. Want to have your horny dicklet personally controlled by me? Need to be trained into my mindless and obedient slave?  Craving my abuse? Yes, yes, yes? Call or pay tribute now to view my webcam, talk with me, have your wallet emptied and generally be my bitch.

7 thoughts on “Spank Yourself Saturday

  1. I got on my knees, ass in the air and spanked myself with a piece of wood and a cane. It wasn’t that extreme, but as much as I could bring myself to do. The wood hurt a lot. It was too hard to get the cane swinging right bend over, but a few contacted well and the backs of my legs stung. I uploaded an actual video to tumblr, it still says processing, who knows if it will finish.


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