Domme Kyaa Reads Aloud The Classic Holiday Poem, “‘Twas The Night Before Christmas”

I think this turned out even better than I had originally pictured it when I thought of the idea a few weeks ago. It came to me that I have access to histories great classic literature, music and art because they are in the “public domain.” Damn near anything created before 1928 is in the public domain, which means anyone has the legal right to use it however they wish. This is why you see Shakespeare’s plays turned into so many movies and why any publishing company can re-print The Iliad without paying Homer’s decedents royalties.

Why should I not find a way to profit from the work of men long since dead, and who doesn’t enjoy watching a beautiful young woman read classic literature?

In the future you may get to hear me read the works of Chaucer, Whitman and Milton (I’m an English Lit major, can you tell?) but for now I’ll begin with a Christmas classic, “‘Twas The Night Before Christmas.” It’s simple,short, and you probably already know most of it by heart, but the holiday themed stockings I’m wearing might make this a different experience than your previous encounters with this poem.

The holidays will never be the same again, yet this is just the most mild form of sexualizing and perverting a holiday I’ve published yet. Between Kyaamas and all the dirty Christmas themed videos I’ve released over the last 4-5 years you bitches will always be busy on December 25th! And that just covers 1 holiday in December. I’ve messed with almost every holiday celebrated in the USA and I’m sure it’s only a matter of time until I move onto holidays from around the world.

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Return later this afternoon for a 2nd blog post with today’s stroke instructions. When I said in yesterday morning’s blog that I was going to control your cocks this weekend I meant it.

9 thoughts on “Domme Kyaa Reads Aloud The Classic Holiday Poem, “‘Twas The Night Before Christmas”

  1. Thank You Goddess Kyaa for this very special Kyaamas treat. Thank You for being allowed to look up and see You as You as look down upon Your flock of followers and make the reading of a simple holiday poem so very exciting! Will You please read another Kyaamas story?


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