Starting Friday Off With A Bang, New Flash Humiliation Assignment

Today I’ll be online with NiteFlirt and VerifiedCall lines on, accepting tributes for Skype and Yahoo webcam sessions and I may even broadcast on Chaturbate at some point… so abandon any other plans you may have had and settle down in front of your computer! I’m going to be controlling your cocks for the rest of the weekend while I make my preparations for Christmas/Kyaamas.

To start your Friday off with a bang I’ve got some special anal instructions for you sluts.


Get a dildo (if you don’t have a proper dildo you may use a butt-plug or your whore fingers) and lube up. Then spend at least 15 minutes pounding your fuckhole! Set a timer, I’m serious.

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Friday, November 12th’s Flash Humiliation Assignment:

Assignment: Set a timer and fuck your ass! The minimum is 15 minutes, but if you set a Stop Watch you can set a goal of 30 minutes or more. When you have filled yourself until you can’t take it anymore you must return to this page and comment. Tell me how long you fucked your dirty ass for me, you buttslut.

Due Date: I’ll accept official submissions until midnight tonight, but you can do this anytime, you anal-addict.

Potential Reward: Send me pictures of you fucking your ass (with my name/the date somewhere in the photo!) and/or challenge yourself to fuck your ass for a very long time! Report in to me how you fuck yourself raw and earn my praise, and potentially some anal training. I always love stretching out your holes.

Domme Kyaa 07-19-2013 (7)sm

Come back tomorrow and I’ll have more instructions for you… remember, if you want to cum today you’ll have to do it AFTER you’ve fuck your bitch ass AND paid your cum tax!

11-21-12 2

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4 thoughts on “Starting Friday Off With A Bang, New Flash Humiliation Assignment

  1. Goddess Kyaa! It makes me so horny to have my thick dildo burried balls deep in my slut-hole. I can only dream of what your monster dildo would feel like!

    I managed 1 hour and 36 minutes before I ran out of lube. My hole is very tender, but could take more if properly motivated!

  2. Oh Goddess Kyaa! All i wanna do is obey and make love to my fuckhole for You. It makes me horny when You talk dirty. Wondering if Your videos can be used as a timer. There is no more pussy for me, its now dildo cocks that i need.Rubber cocks and glass too. Two in my sissy cunt one in my mouth, all i wanna do is fuck myself silly for You. One cock, two cocks, three cocks or more,please Goddess Kyaa make me Your cock loving, cum swallowing whore. It must be Friday the 13th!


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