Xmas Came Early for Me!

The first picture is my girlfriends early Xmas gift to me, 36 unsorted pounds of bulk LEGOs. It’s more LEGO than I know what to with, but I’m sure I’ll think of something epic to build. Right now I’m focused on the AVNs but when I come return from my trip next month I’m sure I’ll take a few days to sort these fuckers (if my awesome gf doesn’t do it for me while I’m away) and start a build.


The second Xmas gift I received is a very exciting self-purchased gift. As much as I love surprises from my gf and my mail box being full of gifts you boys have bought from my wishlists, when I splurge on myself I’m at my most happy.

archery 1st bow handle

That’s right, I’m getting serious about archery! In the next few months I’ll have the rest of the components for my bow and will be starting to shoot indoor target practice at a local range regularly. So, yes, you can look forward to some awesome “huntress” photos in your future.

Of course my foyer is filling with boxes filled with gifts purchased from my wishlists but I’ll do a separate post about that later. Today I’m busy visiting the optometrist to procure a new pair of glasses (more excitement!) and I’ve added Sephora to my To Do List as well after a lengthily twitter thread between myself and some very sexy women about makeup. I feel inspired to grab some samples and do some experimenting.

makeup tweets




One thought on “Xmas Came Early for Me!

  1. Thank You Goddess Kyaa for speaking. It made me smile to see that You found a sport that You enjoy. Seeing that made me Google “cupids bow”, the “roman” god of love and i found Your lips and now it all makes sense. The “ONLY” true God of love.
    1. cupids bow
    the curve of the upper lip – where it curves and then there is a slight dip.
    it is in the shape of a bow, and lips are the ‘love'(cupid) of your face.
    hence the name “cupids bow”
    some cupids bows dip loads more… and almost go down to the bottom of the top lip (where the lips meet).

    there are also lips that do not have a cupids bow, so they would just be rounded at the top with no dip so it would be like a mirror image of the bottom lip.
    person a: you have really nice lips
    person b: thanks, yours are nice too
    person a: well not really, i dont have a cupids bow
    person b: so…

    2. Cupid’s Bow
    A term used to describe the double curve of a human upper lip. It is said that it resembles the bow of Cupid, the Roman God of love.
    He lightly kissed my cupid’s bow and it gave me shivers.

    After reading this and a few other definitions of course i spent the rest of this mornings Worship of Your Existence [with dicklet naturally locked away in Your chastity cage, that’s how i Worship] by looking at photo after photo of Your lips. i swear i see cupids bow in comparing photos with heavy lip stick, light lip stick and Your raw beauty photos. All i really know is that You have beautiful, full, naturally sleek, curvy lips. This how i spent morning Worship this morning. Thank You Goddess Kyaa.


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