Filming with Ceara Lynch, Monday December 2nd!

That’s right, losers, you’re not hallucinating. In less than one week I will be filming with Ceara  Lynch! That means you can start looking forward to double-team clips from us and if you’re quick you can even order a custom video.


lynch 2

Goddess Kyaa on Her Throne  - in a tight blue dress and nude heels(9)

Just think of how powerful the clips we make together will be… Contact us now & be ready to pay ASAP for your custom clip.

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5 thoughts on “Filming with Ceara Lynch, Monday December 2nd!

  1. Being very honest, i am excited about this. i do not know Ceara Lynch except for what i have read, which i like because She is honest, [to put it simply] But of all powerful Women, She seems to me to think like Goddess Kyaa. They did film together years ago. This is a treat.
    The cumming of Kyaaism and Cearaism together. It is pretty fucking special!

  2. Goddess You are awesome. i love it that You have the opportunity to meet so many superb Ladies, so that You don’t have to share live just with lowly fuckers like us, useless male creatures, or with women who are not aware of the beauty and superiority.

    i hope You have a nice time together. Kisses.

  3. It is truly frightening to think just how much devastating power the two of You hold individually, but together Your reach and controle flies off the scale ! i sense a wave of sadistic humiliation across the globe !


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