New clip with special effects!

As you may know I’ve been experimenting with special effects for my videos. I’m still in the first stages of learning how to use the software suite (Adobe) that will eventually let me do just about anything I could possibly imagine. While I have grand schemes brewing that involve green screen and over the top effects in what will surely be some of the most epic femdom videos ever produced, right now I’m still just experimenting.

These experiments take about 10x the amount of time it would otherwise take to edit and render a basic video with no effects, and I’m not being hyperbolic. Even once I’m good at doing special effects the speed will only be improve marginally because I’ll be doing even more than the relatively simple stuff I’m doing now. Even though what you’ll see below is basic, it took me over an hour just fiddling with a few dozen different settings on various filters to get the exact look I wanted.

Here’s my latest experiment, a twisted fantasy video in which Princess Nyx and I play evil witches who cast a cruel spell on a helpless victim. It’s a POV style hypnotic female domination video but with a witch-y twist! Without any special effects the outdoor setting is rather bland, but with the visual filters and the sexy audio ‘chorus’ filter that gives our voice that echo/reverb sound, it’s quite powerful.

casting a spell of submission 1b

Buy the full clip now, complete with awesome special effects!



casting a spell of submission 2b

Tell me what you think in the comments below and make sure to wish me a Happy Thanksgiving when you GIVE THANKS this week, slaves!

6 thoughts on “New clip with special effects!

  1. Incredible, Goddess Kyaa! Your now shaved-from-neck-to-toe sissy is already completely under Your spell, but this and the prospect of You making more special effects videos has Your naked slut’s clitty helplessly bobbing and jingling Your sissy bell in anticipation. I’m so happily screwed!


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