Cucksuckers & toe addicts and webcam worship

It’s only the 7th and it’s already becoming one of my busiest months this year, webcam-time wise. I’ve spent most evenings online for at least a few hours which means I’ve had more than a few amusing sessions with pathetic perverts. This week has really reminded me what I love about doing online femdom and financial domination.

Devastating beauty
Devastating beauty

All I have to do is relax in front of my computer while a line of horny addicts will happily drain their bank accounts so they can see me smile, drool over my size 9 feet, get a peek up my skirt, earn permission to cum, be transformed into a sissy, made to suck cock or any number of other highly amusing requests.

I most adore the bitches who really know how lowly they are, the losers who grovel and beg, who confess all the ways they are addicted to me and beg to be humiliated as they worship my webcam.

When a bitch is nearly in tears from shame and is begging to be allowed to wash himself up because he’s sitting in a puddle of his own piss, I’m happy. Of course, when I drain thousands of dollars from your account (like my sissy t last week!) in a single night, I’m even happier. Don’t worry though, if you don’t have that much to offer I’ll still enjoy making you go broke, even if it’s just $25 for a cum tax.

I’m greedy, sadistic and my main source of entertainment is your suffering… but you love me because of that, don’t you?

*PS: Join in the fun. I’ll be online throughout the weekend!

8 thoughts on “Cucksuckers & toe addicts and webcam worship

  1. In every frame Goddess Kyaa exudes perfection. She doesn’t even have to try. She just takes a snap and it’s perfect. This is why we all flock to her. She is God. Above God. Above us. Above.

  2. When i kneel before God i am whatever You tell me i am, i will do whatever You tell me to do, You are almighty and all Powerful God, Your Divine and Holy right to do with me as You please is unquestionable, i live in the Light of Your Holy perfection, i exist for You. i kneel In Your Divine Light and offer my Love and Devotion, i surrender my very being to You, The One True Living God.


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