Don’t Miss All The Awesome New Content!

In the past two months you may have noticed the lack of New Media Updates being posted on my blog. I’ve simply been too busy to put them together. As much as I’d like to have one going up each week I’m not on top of more basic shit like answering emails and keeping a solid shooting schedule. Once I’ve taken a few more weeks to catch up and get onto the new system my gf & I have built* you boys should be able to look forward to regular New Media Updates so you can’t miss a single new video or photo set.

What video is this from? It comes out on Saturday so keep an eye out!
What video is this from? It comes out on Saturday so keep an eye out!

Until then you should follow me on Tumblr and/or Twitter so you can get daily updates with links to everything I publish. Each time something new is published there is an automatic post which goes up on Tumblr with screenshots, a gif and links to the content on both Kinkbomb and Clips4Sale.

Follow my Twitter to get updates from both Twitter AND Tumblr since my Tumblr automatically tweets a link to every new post. Saying this out loud is like a tongue twister but it makes sense if you think about it: I post a new video, a Tumblr post is then automatically published with screenshots, gif and links, then a tweet is automatically sent with a link to the Tumblr post.

To make it easy for you: all you have to do is follow my Twitter and check my timeline daily for new tweets!

*I tweeted about this briefly recently. My girlfriend is helping me create spreadsheets and databases that will allow me to much more easily keep organized. This means that there will be an adjusting period as I switch over onto a new way of doing things, a much more organized and scheduled way of doing things. Eventually it will mean I’ll have more time to blog, write, answer emails, cam with you boys, travel, get pampered and generally do all the shit I never seem to have time for because I am so busy just trying to deal with the rather time consuming business-side of being a professional Goddess.

7 thoughts on “Don’t Miss All The Awesome New Content!

  1. Thank You for all Your pics and videos Goddess. i am becoming more and more addicted every day and want to become one of Your top losers. i love my new religion Kyaaism and You give me a purpose in life to wake up every day.


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