Celebrate My Birthday in Unison! Goddess Day 2013

On October 30th, 2013 I celebrate my birthday. Usually I simply give you instructions on how you can help make my special day the best birthday a Goddess could hope for, but this year I’m going to give permission to each and every one of you to celebrate my birthday with me!

At 8pm PST you will celebrate my birthday on one of 3 different levels. Which level you are able to choose will depend on how much privacy you have at the time I’ve chosen. Just read on and all will become clear.

Level 1. Total privacy, lots of time to prepare: Take a few hours to worship my videos, send tributes/buy clips/gifts from my wishlists (because it’s never too late) and get dirty. Start by dressing up in some sort of humiliating or perverted costume. Sissy maid, prostitute, piggy, gay cocksucker, pick something funny! Send me pictures then start fucking your face, your ass, bust your balls, but don’t start jerking off until 30 minutes before 8pm. For a half hour you may stroke and then exactly when the cock strikes 8pm PST you may CUM! *Note for Kyaaists: Spend this time praying and worshiping, beating and abuse yourself in thanks for the orgasm you will have at 8pm!*

Level 2. Some privacy/little time to prepare: Get yourself into the most private situation you can, a bathroom, hide in your car, whatever you have to do and stroke for no more than 30 minutes then, watching the clock carefully, cum at exactly 8pm PST! *Note for Kyaaists: Find a place you can kneel down and pray to me for a while then at 8pm you may have a holy cum-union!*

Level 3. No privacy whatsoever, no time alone and no time to prepare: At the very least you must take a moment to wish me happy birthday in your head, tweet to me or do something small in your mind for me. Wish me happy birthday at 8pm PST, even if you have to lay there in bed next to your wife or sit there at work wherever you are, whatever you are doing, set yourself an alarm so you will take a moment to think of me and wish me happy birthday at the same time as all my slaves! *Note for Kyaaists: Pray to me at this time, thanking me for owning you and wishing me happy birthday!*

So if you are paying attention you’ll see that I’m setting it up so that no matter where you are around the world, no matter how much or how little privacy you have, all of you can and will celebrate my birthday in unison!

At 8pm PST while all of my fans, minions and worshipers will be cumming and/or praying to me I will be with my girlfriend and sister Princess Nyx, enjoying good food and playing with my piles of gifts.

Watch my twitter for pictures and a special birthday message from me on the 30th.

With 7 whole days left there is still time for you to add to my pile of gifts. Since you boys had nearly cleared off everything I originally added to that wishlist I stocked it back up with goodies so you boys can keep spoiling me until the last minute!


And yes, you boys WILL get a big wishlist haul post with pictures of me with/trying on all my gifts, but it won’t be until after my birthday. Check my twitter for early previews!

13 thoughts on “Celebrate My Birthday in Unison! Goddess Day 2013

  1. It’s amazing how she coordinates all of us to remind herself of how much power she wields. You can just tell how Alpha and authentic she is about all this. The power trip is so crucial. And she deserves it. *bows*

  2. Mighty and most fabulous Goddess Kyaa, magnificent Lady, Queen of perversion and irresistible Beauty, I’m so happy about this. This is a thrill already right now. How powerful are You !? How far goes Your influence !? All over the world, at the very same moment all who are lucky enough to know You and worship You will be united with YOU. Wooow. You are GOD indeed. You are the Ruler of this universe. Goddess Kyaa, may Your power and Your influence expand every day.


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