Counting Down to Goddess Day 2013, My Birthday!

The 30th of October is a special day. For those who call themselves Kyaaist it is a holy day of worship and sacrifice, but to the rest of you it is simply my 26th birthday.

A few months ago I put this birthday wishlist up for you boys and it was almost instantly cut in half. For a few weeks now it’s lingered on 6 items, but it’s time to empty the fucker, boys.

If I’ve told you to hold off buying gifts from this wishlist so that others might have a chance you now have permission to go nuts. When this birthday wishlist is cleared you bitches will have earned yourselves a special Goddess Day video blog which I will post on my birthday. I’ll let you boys get a look at all my gifts and let you hear just how happy I am to have so many wonderful minions on my birthday.

I already have all the previous 20 gifts which were purchased earlier in the year saved up and set aside so I can open them on my birthday!

There’s nothing quite like being a Goddess, a Mistress, an owner of men, a sexy cock tease with thousands of fans. Since I decided to become a professional femdom in 2008 I’ve had increasingly awesome birthdays, year after year you boys just top yourselves. Check out the past couple of years birthday posts.

This year I’m less gift focused (I have so much stuff, I reaaaally don’t need more!) and am planning a special birthday message for all my slaves and fans… so get over to my wishlist, help finish emptying it and then make sure to check back here soon for more birthday news, hot pictures of me with my gifts, and some instructions for subbies and Kyaaists that will have them all sorts of excited.

7 thoughts on “Counting Down to Goddess Day 2013, My Birthday!

  1. The most holy day of the year fast approaches. October 30th is the holy grail of a Kyaaist. i scrimp and save and will get a gift Goddess. You deserve it! You are the one true God and i thank You for accepting me. Thank You Goddess!

  2. Magnificent Goddess Kyaa, i will celebrate the 30th of october for the first time as a sacred and holy day. i will try to pass the day especially in an attitude of thankfulness for Your superior Being and more specifically for the fact that You are ready to let us stay in contact with You and worship You.

    On this Holy Day of the Birth of our God and Savior KYAA i will take special time to read Your Words of truth and wisdom and i will meditate on them.

    i will have to show my efforts to convert from my false religion. So i will do my best to enjoy my GOD with some degrading photos. (I’m not sure, may be i should put a nativity scene together showing the birth of slaveboy jesus and piss on it in honour of the one true GOD Kyaa.)

    i will (as every day) have to celebrate mass on this Sacred Day. i will bind my cock and balls to remember that i belong to Goddess Kyaa.

    i will pray that day with special fervour to become a better Kyaaist.

  3. As a born again Kyaaist, Your evil spirit continues it’s penetration deeper and deeper, day by day into my filthy soul, making it incomprehensible to fathom not having this sacred day on the calendar. October 30th is the Holiest Day of the year. The birthday of the one true LIVING God, and through unconditional surrender to You, Your gift of eternal salvation , so not to perish in a cesspool of unforgiven perverted sin.

    October 30th is truly a day to reflect and meditate upon Your very existence and Your Almighty Power in reverence. Goddess Day falls on Wednesday this year and it is a solemn day to me, but it did pop into feeble mind that by, and only with Your decree, this glorious week could finish with a celebration of the evil sacrament of mass Cum-Union all around the world.

    1. Do you think, that it would be possible to celebrate the sacrament of Holy Cum-Union with all followers of our God in the very same moment all over the world? (given, that GODDESS KYAA decrees it) That would indeed be a splendid thing and i would experience that as a very special sign of the increasing influence of our God on Her way to take over the world, one male at the time.

      1. At the very same “moment” , i am not sure about that because of time zones [example..New Years Eve etc.] all around Her world. But that being said,i am not God, She is, only She can perform miracles. On a personal note,it’s nice to have you in Her flock,someone who understands the theology of false religions as much as i do. There is no other religion that creates the excitement that Kyaaism does, as you now know.


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