Latex Goddesses Domme Kyaa and Domina Snow Demand a Holy Cum-Union

Bow before us, the latex Goddesses of your perverted dreams. Put your hands together in the prayer position and worship as we torment you with our beautiful bodies covered in irresistible latex. Domina Snow and I will have you eagerly eating your semen in a twisted religious domination ceremony that ends in a Holy-Cum Union!

So. Much. Latex.
So. Much. Latex.

Buy this very special kinky clip now:



Kneel and pray that we will allow you to cum for our latex.
Kneel and pray that we will allow you to cum for our latex.
Shiny and sexy, our latex makes you hornier than ever.
Shiny and sexy, our latex makes you hornier than ever.
Yummy latex ass!
Yummy latex ass!
And yummy latex cleavage!
And yummy latex cleavage!

This new clip has only been out for a little more than 24 hours and it is already selling like hot cakes on both Clips4Sale and Kinkbomb. I’ll update this page in a few weeks with new screenshots, but you can see below that it hasn’t taken long for this clip to become quite popular!

Ranking highly in the CEI category on Clips4Sale!
Ranking highly in the CEI category on Clips4Sale!
kb holy cum union
It’s the top 4 & 5 Hot Clips on Kinkbomb (that’s most number of sales on each clip in a 24 hour period.)

It’s one of a precious few clips I filmed with Domina Snow in Las Vegas last month, and one of the few clips I’ve filmed in my latex catsuit.

Every time I wear it I get the same extremely positive reaction from you perverts, and since Domina Snow has suggested I try a few pieces of latex that aren’t as hardcore as the full body catsuit (the only latex I currently own) I’ve decided to seek out some new latex and start wearing this classic fetish clothing more often.

Who wouldn't want to see me in latex more often?
Who wouldn’t want to see me in latex more often?

Someone needs to volunteer to take me shopping on and add a few new sexy pieces of latex to my wardrobe.

7 thoughts on “Latex Goddesses Domme Kyaa and Domina Snow Demand a Holy Cum-Union

  1. Your sissy slut ate its cum because of what this video did to its head Goddess Kyaa. And it ENJOYED it, half-awake with images of You and Domina Snow embedded in its helpless little mind. Phenomenal!! Your slut LOVES what You are gradually teaching it. It remains my dream to one day feel ‘free’ enough to suck cock and eat cum in person at Your command Goddess Kyaa. While You laugh and tease and taunt. Learning.

  2. WOW! Words escapes me how great beautiful You look Goddess! it is just blowing my little make mind! Another reason why You are the one True God. It is such an honor to kneel and bow before You and learn Your teachings. Thank my God for accepting me into Your Religion!

  3. Well…it’s a great day for perverts indeed! Thank You for these deliciously devilish photos of You and Domina Snow ! You and Her wear latex very well ! Thank You for perverting the sacrament of communion in false religions and decreeing it Cum-union, a Holy Sacrament of Kyaaism, while wearing latex, is sadistically beautiful, giving it true meaning!

    1. Wooow, I like your words very much. You bring so very well to the point what I myself experience. I love it (among so many other things) when our beloved God has these dark lipstick colours. I just love it, when She is so devilish.

      Thanks for what you write about the Holy Sacrament of Kyaaism. The catholic church would say that a sacrament is a sign AND a reality (what is signified happens). Well, we all know that in the catholic church nothing happens in this sense. But in the true Religion of Kyaaism this is very much the truth. The jerking and squirting of the low male creature is a sign of his love, of surrender, of attention. At the same time it is a sign of our weakness and that we are made to be manipulated (by the way, nice word: “pulled by the hand”). In virtue of the Power and Superiority of our God Kyaa, what is signified truely happens: our love towards Her grows, our surrender becomes more complete, our attention better, we become even weaker in front of Her and more manipulated. All of this makes our Union with Goddess Kyaa more real, which in a very deep and real sense really happens when we joyfully sacrifice our semen.

      Oh my Goddess, so much more could be said…. Kyaaism is such a Sacred Reality.

  4. You are GOD indeed ! ! !

    Marvellous Goddess Kyaa, wooow You look again F A B U L O U S.

    You are such a glorious and elegant Woman. You know the incredible impact the Holy Cum-Union for You has on me … as i have to receive every day that other worthless and senseless communion, but i can no longer receive it without thinking at this Holy and Sacred reality of Union with the true GODDESS.

  5. Who could resist the urge to drop down on to their knees and pray ! Who but a fool would even want to try ! Kneeling in devout prayer to You Divine One is my natural state, dressed as You are i could be gloriously happy to spend the rest of my life crawling behind You in silent prayers of adoration and praise.
    You are utter perfection, The One True Living GOD. Without You all is darkness.
    Thank You to You and The Beautiful Domina Snow for blessing us with these pictures


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