New Media Update + Behind the scenes blog

Before the new media update I’m going to give you needy bitches a quick blog post & remind you why I’ve been so damn busy this month.

At the end of last month I had a follow-up dental procedure that put me on the couch for a week. Along with that I had a sprained wrist which kept me off the computer. By the time I was feeling better it was time for me to prepare the house to host Princess Nyx as a guest for a whole week.

I spent the second week of this month dominating my slave with her. Together, The Sadistic Sisters made goodboy4Kyaa lick our shoes, we transformed him into a pretty sissy (quite the feat!) and tormented him with an array of cruel tools.

Those of you who follow me on twitter you will have already got quite a few previews, but if you are reading this you should have seen the posts I put up over the last 2 weeks already! If you somehow missed them go on and have a look now. Don’t forget to comment on each post and thank me for sharing so many details of my adventures with Princess Nyx and my bitch goodboy4Kyaa.

(Warning, this next bit is about cats and some issues I had with editing recently; not sexy stuff but it’s what’s been keeping me busy.)

The last day Princess Nyx was here we took a trip down to the cattery where my girlfriend and I got our cat Buffy. We didn’t really intend to get a kitten but I fell in love with an energetic little boy f6 Savannah who had a minor eye injury as an infant. As a result his eye gets wet from it constantly tearing up. No one else wanted him and I couldn’t help myself and immediately decided that I needed to bring him home with us right then and there. He rode the whole way home on my lap and within a few hours I knew that I had made the right choice.

In the week since then my girlfriend and I named him Hanzo (bonus points if you can tell me where that name comes from without googling it!) and have discovered that he is a very playful and very loving little kitty.

Sadly, he also has got the runs from his change of environment and food along with some crustiness in his “good” eye (the one that didn’t get injured as an infant) so he has had to go into the vet. He’ll probably go on some antibiotics and will be find within another week or two, but the combination of his health issues, hyper-activity and constant need to have attention/love from one of us means that my girlfriend and I are sleeping in shifts so someone can be with him at all times.

We are being overly cautions, of course, since he is our new baby. I’m sure that by the time I return home there will be no more health issues, he and Buffy will be playing happily and he will be able to be left over night without having to wake several times to check on him. My poor girlfriend will have to be the one to put drops in his eye and deal with a hyper active little male kitten who has the runs for 4 days while I’m away in Vegas starting Wednesday!

Along with the business of my Princess Nyx visiting, my slave coming to be dominated/trained and the new kitten, I have been struggling with getting videos edited over the last 2+ weeks. After hours of frustration and troubleshooting I discovered a few days ago that the entire problem was due to a setting which had been changed on my computer. My girlfriend was messing around, fucking with some editing software and set it so that videos display at their “true” resolution. That means that when I play a 720p video on my huge monitors it looks kind of small, and seems to have black bars around it. Usually the setting is on “stretch to fit screen when in full screen mode” so it fills the whole monitor. I, not being as tech savvy as my girlfriend, had no idea this setting even existed and had been banging my head against the wall trying to figure out why the videos I was editing were rendering so that they wouldn’t play without having these black bars around the edges. In the end, the video files were fine, they just were not displaying correctly on my computer. Now I’ve been made aware of this setting and am thankful to my tech savvy girlfriend for her continue education in all things computer related.

So that sums up what has been keeping me busy, busy, busy this month.

On Wednesday I leave for Vegas for a week. That means I’ll be unavailable for webcam until the 3rd of October! Don’t worry, that isn’t even 2 weeks away, so just keep yourself busy buying tons of clips and jerking it to my videos daily.

New Media Update

Cruel Unforgiving Goddess

“Oh, you’re sorry? Ha! It’s not fucking good enough…”




Bitch Licks The Sadistic Sisters Dirty Shoes Clean

By the end of the clip we have him on his back, stepping on him, hitting him with our slobbery shoes and laughing as we crush his head between our shoes.




Hair Worship August 2013

Buy now to see how long my hair looks in August 2013. Each month I’ll post another video so my hair-fetishists can see how my hair grows and changes from month to month.




Cum Quickly! For My Metallic Dress

The shiny gunmetal gray material clings to my slender body, accenting my little curves and driving weak losers up a wall. Will you even make it to the end of the countdown before your meat dribbles loser juice everywhere?




I already have both Kinkbomb and Clips4Sale pre-loaded for the entire week with new clips, so don’t forget to check my twitter and my stores for new content each day.


And of course…

Click Pay Stroke!


Spend before you cum, addicts.

2 thoughts on “New Media Update + Behind the scenes blog

  1. #1 i am so happy for that cat, and i am so proud that my Owner saved him.
    #2 It is nothing short of a miracle that You and Princess Nyx can [still in transformation] take a ugly, pathetic, old male pig,and transform it into a pretty sissy. Prim & proper.

    And finally,now knowing how busy You are, for You to take the time [Your Time] to train me to better serve You each and every day, makes the visit to You more special than it already was !

    Thank You Goddess Kyaa. Have a great time in Vegas !!!!!

  2. So much going on we are so very very lucky that You grant us some of Your time to give us an insight into Your Your life. Thank You Divine One for Your kindness to us all. You are a generous and giving God.


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