The Sadistic Sisters Dominate Sissy Slave Goodboy4Kyaa Together – part 2

Yesterday I told you perverts all about the first part of my week. I spent the day with Princess Nyx, dominating my slave with her on Tuesday, then on Wednesday I gave my slave a day of hard work and sissy maid training.

Despite how much I enjoy setting my slave to a task and relaxing while he works for me, but to spend the day dominating him with my sister Princess Nyx is whole new kind of kinky fun. Our natural rapport and life long connection makes us quite the team, as anyone who has had the pleasure of serving us online knows all too well. My slave was honored this week when he found out what it is like to be dominated, teased, used and abused by two of the most beautiful, dominant and creatively sadistic sisters male slave has had the chance to serve in person.

We began Thursday by chaining my bitch to the slave-cage, securing his hands, feet and body so that no matter how he struggled he could not protect himself from our cruelty. I filmed a ball abuse video, then we took advantage of his precarious position and dominated him together.

With his aching balls in my claw-tipped fingers, bound to my cage by steel chains, he is completely at my mercy.
With his aching balls in my claw-tipped fingers, bound to my cage by steel chains, he is completely at my mercy.

Afterwards we transformed my slave from a disgusting male bitch to a almost-sexy looking sissy maid! With his make up, wig, frilly dress, fishnet pantyhose and high heels, he looked prettier than ever before.

What a transformation!
What a transformation!

By the end of the day my owned sissy was exhausted, nearly broken after multiple days of intense submission. I sent him back to his hotel with glue from his false eyelashes still gooping up his eyes and his body aching from multiple beatings.

The next day, Friday, would be his last before he would have to fly back home. Yet I saved the best for last… Come back tomorrow, I’ll be publishing a video I shot of my slave as he was pierced for me on Friday!

With Princess Nyx there to witness the event, my slave had both his ears and his nipples pierced for me! Yes, four piercings in one day for my slave who has never been pierced before. Come back tomorrow to watch as I continue to transform my slaves in new and exciting ways.

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8 thoughts on “The Sadistic Sisters Dominate Sissy Slave Goodboy4Kyaa Together – part 2

  1. This is the DREAM of every stupid loser slut !!
    i would give everything up to be your sissy slave GODDESS KYAA !!
    i am praying, praying and praying that someday i could serve YOU, GODDESS !!
    YOU are wonderful, gorgeous, absolutly perfect !
    it is the meaning of life for every stupid loser, like me to worship and obey the only GODDESS in the world !! the center of the universe !!
    GODDESS KYAA !!!!!
    i am sooo jealous, every cockbitch should, and will be treated like this weak little sissymaid !!
    YOU rule the world GODDESS KYAA !!!!!!!!!!

    1. No.haha And i know this may sound freaky,but i don’t think about jerking off in their presence like that. It just seems kind of perverted in my warped mind #giggle. i am weird like that. i am not sure i could do that. lol i guess i would ask,”why Goddess Kyaa. are You sure Goddess Kyaa”. haha That is one thing i just don’t know if i could do in Her presence.It’s so weird, i know, i can’t help it. She could put some porn on or something, then i could, i guess. Her videos are different. i am cum whore for them.

      That all being said ,since my last visit, She is really into my soul deep, so that changes things a little bit…but still. i don’t know about cumming in Her presence…i don’t know about that. Let that go. #giggle


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