Double Domination Tonight ONLY with The Sadistic Sisters!

The Sadistic Sisters are double teaming bitches online tonight! We will be on NiteFlirt, signed into Yahoo and Skype, dominating weak subbies from around the world over the internet. We are still all pumped up and full of kinky energy from having my slave under our control for multiple days. Now he has gone home we have the time/energy to get online to abuse you boys.

Get ready to have your bank account and balls drained!

This video doesn’t exist

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In our cute bra and panties, we will destroy your ego and make you our obedient little bitch! Follow us on twitter to see more pictures then call!

This is tonight only, so don’t miss your chance. We may not be taking calls together again for two months or more!

Read Nyx’s post on tonight’s activities:

Have you ever served us online?

If so, what do you love most about submitting to us?

If not, what is stopping you from contacting us now and begging to submit?

3 thoughts on “Double Domination Tonight ONLY with The Sadistic Sisters!

  1. Two of the most beautiful women in the world and the history of the world! i submit to the One True Living God, Goddess Kyaa and Her Sister Princess Nyx. All hail the Sadistic Sisters!

  2. It’s like i am seeing double! Two perfect woman, just too much! So much jaw dropping beauty in one family! Feeling so weak right now.


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