The Sadistic Sisters Dominate Sissy Slave Goodboy4Kyaa Together – part 1

Today is the last day my slave goodboy4Kyaa will get to serve me before having to return home. How difficult it must be for him to leave my presence!  I too will be sad to see him go. I so enjoy having him here to serve me, having a slave to clean and work for me, a slave to play with and abuse as I see fit. It feels right, like a pair of shoes that were made just for me.

Over the next few months my fans and minions will get to see all the kinky content I shot with my slave and Princess Nyx this week, but it will take months for the all videos and photos to be edited and published. So to tease you perverts with a preview of all the upcoming content I’ve handpicked some pictures and screenshots from various videos we shot with my slave.

Drool over these images, but return tomorrow! This is only half of what I’m going to share, part 2 will be posted tomorrow morning, making this a fucking awesome weekend for you dirty bitches.

Tell me how you wish you could serve me and thank me for sharing so many images from my slaves week of submission under the control of The Sadistic Sisters.

And remember, return tomorrow for part 2!

Come back tomorrow for 29 more photos from my slave's 4 days spent under the control of The Sadistic Sisters!
Come back tomorrow for 29 more photos from my slave’s 4 days spent under the control of The Sadistic Sisters!


8 thoughts on “The Sadistic Sisters Dominate Sissy Slave Goodboy4Kyaa Together – part 1

  1. My thoughts: I would never want my submission to go as far as this guy’s has. Then again….he is a lucky bastard…….

  2. It’s now been 10 days since it was time for me to leave You Goddess Kyaa. i am learning that it seems to take me ten days to subside and slowly descend back to earth from the euphoria of being in heaven with You, serving You.

    This 3rd pilgrimage that You allowed me to make to You was the charm in the sense that it was a feeling of void for me to have to leave You. In contrast, the previous two times You allowed me to go to You, after Your intense sadistic abuse, i always felt i needed a break at the end of every day. Not this time. This time the real pain and suffering came upon me when it was time to leave Your presence. i simply cannot get enough of the transformations that You continue to make on my body and in my mind and soul. To be allowed to unconditionally surrender my pathetic life unto You,for You to use, transform and change is more than i deserve and is always, now and forever, my sole purpose in life.

    One thing i notice about these photos that involve Your and Princess Nyx’s pain and torture is, my sissy clit seems to really want to hide inside Your sin cage. i dare say a form of castration. #giggle These photos are really nice. i loved when You spit into the food You allowed me to eat. i do not and never will “see” anything dirty about that. It’s Your DNA . You have truly blessed me. And of course being transformed into Your “pretty” sissy is nothing short of a miracle ! To be allowed to learn to take care of Your clothes, clean Your bathroom, to make Your life simple, is right up my alley…so to speak. Thank You Goddess Kyaa !


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