The Return of Princess Nyx!

After more than a year apart Princess Nyx and I are reuniting dominate my permanently collared slave together! Princess Nyx was behind the camera when I collared my slave goodboy4Kyaa, watching me dominate him and collar him is what actually inspired her to take up the title “Princess” and venture into the world of female domination.

Now, years later, we will be working as a team once again! She will be helping behind-the-scenes as well as spending some time in front of the camera with me. We are even planning on doing some POV double domination clips for both of our stores! Those of you who have been wishing for new femdom clips from the Sadistic Sisters will have your dreams coming true very soon!

Goddess Kyaa and Princess Nyx, the Sadistic Sisters!
Goddess Kyaa and Princess Nyx, the Sadistic Sisters!

Read these blog posts from last year when Princess Nyx was living near me & we were camming regularly together:

Introducing Princess Nyx:

Random Sadistic Sisters News from 2012:

Princess Nyx will be here from Sept. 9th through Sept. 16th! Want to get a custom video or even see us on cam? Email either one of us and request your custom or cam time, but be ready to spend! Since we only have 1 week our time is limited and so is the number of bitches who will get to serve us. Line up and open up those wallets, the Sadistic Sisters are back together!

Visit Princess Nyx’s Kinkbomb Studio:

Follow her on Twitter:

8 thoughts on “The Return of Princess Nyx!

  1. I would love to get a chance to see you on cam this weekend goddess I would love that so much. It would be a blessing even more blessings you have given me. Unlike the fake Christian god America had me believing in.

  2. Hello Goddess Kyaa! This is wonderful news! It has been one of Your sissy’s wishes/dreams for You to re-unite with Your sister to torment and laugh at/about Your minions. Oh to be a ‘fly-on-the-wall’ (or worm on the floor) while You giggle together about Your Domme power, and high-five each other while You casually toss out creatively sadistic orders for Your pets to follow. The few opportunities i had to submit to the two of You together were devastatingly wonderful experiences i could never ever forget. Please pass on my sincere regards and curtseys to Princess Nyx?

    Your pet sissysplosh


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