Rules and Protocols

Between dominating subs on skype and yahoo, responding to custom video requests and abusing drive-by losers I’ve been working on a few new blog posts that focus on real time domination. With my one and only permanently collared slave goodboy4Kyaa less than 2 weeks away from being in my presence again I am preparing a set of protocols and a set of rules for slaves to follow when serving me in person.

I already have a set of 10 Rules of Conduct that all subs who wish to view my webcam or serve me online are required to obey and accept the consequences for their inevitable failure. Most of these 10 Rules of Conduct are basic, no-brainer types of rules such as “show me respect at all times.” Others give you a bit of idea about my personal pet peeves (“All subs must use correct grammar and spelling at all times.”). Over all though, they are rather general and easy to follow for any sub, no matter the depth of their submission.

This certainly doesn’t give a slave like goodboy4Kyaa a detailed explanation on how to behave while in my presence!  To remedy this situation I’ve been working on a set of rules and protocols for slaves to follow while serving me in person. It will include information on everything a slave should or should not do and how to do it. Of course, it will not have all of that information right away. After all, I’m still figuring out what my preferences are when it comes to my slaves behavior. I have some very specific ideas, some ideas that are more vague.

With every visit from my permanently collared slave I come to better understand myself as a Domme, what my preferences are in regards to his behavior/etiquette, what it is I really want out this owned object of mine. This means that my rules and protocols for slaves serving me in person will change, adapting to suit my preferences as they develop.

While I may not know exactly how I want my slaves to behave in every situation quite yet (just give me time!), I do have a growing list of rules for slaves to follow when in my presence and a set of protocols for slave behavior.

Few of you will ever have the chance to serve me in person, but that doesn’t mean you do not have a lot to learn from this subject, so read on and pay attention! I know that many of you just want to fantasize and jerk off, but take a few minutes to read this post and comment on it, then you can go hump your hand knowing that you followed my orders like a good boy.

There will be many more posts on this subject in the near future, but I’m going to start by simply defining these important words. What are rules? What is a protocol? How are they different from one another?

I’ve kindly included a basic dictionary definition for each word below. Follow the links to read the full definition, including alternative meanings. This is not necessary, though, as the definition you see below is the only one which concerns you.

a: prescribed guide for conduct or action
b : the laws or regulations prescribed by the founder of a religious order for observance by its members
c : an accepted procedure, custom, or habit
d (1) : a usually written order or direction made by a court regulating court practice or the action of parties (2) : a legal precept or doctrine
e : a regulation or bylaw governing procedure or controlling conduct

a: a code of correct conduct
b: a code prescribing strict adherence to correct etiquette and precedence (as in diplomatic exchange and in the military services) <a breach of protocol>

I’ll take a closer look at each then compare them.

Rules: Rules are specific “do’s” and “don’t’s,” sets of laws that tell you what to do and what not to do.

Protocols: A set of instructions that explain how to behave in different situations.

Basically, rules tell you what to do and protocols tell you how to do it.

This is an important distinction, one which you must keep in mind as you continue to explore your submissive side and learn how to best serve me.

6 thoughts on “Rules and Protocols

  1. I know it’s old post, but it’s very important. Personally i find it the most important thing in BDSM relationship. without rules and protocols, a slave will be lost and left to his mind and thoughts which is “HELL” for most of us. thank you Goddess Kyaa. you took good care of your slaves.


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