Flash Humiliation Assignments: Rubber-Band Your Ugly Face

I have another public Flash Humiliation Assignment for you bitches! Recently I came across this: http://fullym.com/rubber-band-faces-are-wrapped-up-in-hilarity/ and naturally I thought, “I know a bunch of perverts who would gladly wrap their heads in rubber bands to make me laugh.”

Assignment: Wrap your head in large rubber bands to make your ugly face look even more stupid than usual. Bonus points for creativity and/or extra suffering. Snap a few photos, usual bonus points for holding up a card with my name & the date in said photos, and then submit them via email or twitter.

Supplies Needed: A few large rubber bands, big enough to go around your head. Camera (camera phone or webcam is fine) to take photos for assignment submission.

Due Date: Friday, September 6th, 2013 (Note: I’m giving you bitches more time than usual on this assignment since you have to get the large rubber bands and I want you to take the time to really experiment with making your stupid face even funnier. Send me multiple attempts and I’ll pick the one I like best!)

Reward: I’ll post your photo here on my blog and whoever has what I deem to be the best submission from this assignment will get 3 exclusive photos of me as a reward.

3 thoughts on “Flash Humiliation Assignments: Rubber-Band Your Ugly Face

  1. Thank You Goddess Kyaa for this opportunity to have the chance to make You laugh. Your assignments to a Kyaaist in essence are commandments directly from God Herself. To not obey Your commandments is a sin, a sin can that only You can forgive, but a sin none the less. Despite being perverted by our very existence, born losers , it is through obedience to You and Your gift of salvation, that You give us the chance to make You smile, therefore allowing us to feel good in Your precious Name.

  2. Divine One i have missed the previous assignments through not having a camera (mine finally gave in and died ) but happily i have one now so i too can have the joy of humiliating myself for Your amusement !
    Pleasing You is every Kyaaists reason to exist.


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