Tormenting My Slave in Chastity – Preview Video!

I’ve kept you blindfolded most of the day when suddenly I remove your blindfold and start teasing you, showing off my gorgeous body while you kneel before me, hands bound behind your back and stiff dick trapped in a metal cage. Then suddenly I grab the back of your gimp mask and stuff your bitch face between my round butt cheeks!

Watch this sensual yet sadistic domination video, filmed with my real time slave goodboy4Kyaa, to see what it it would be like to be my teased and denied slave in chastity. This bitch is permanently collared (in case you missed that somehow) but he has never experienced anything like this before.

I had two cameras filming during this domination session with my owned slave. The first is a handheld camera, wielded by the adorable Rexi West. The second is a stationary camera on a tripod.

I’ve watched them both repeatedly and can’t decide which one I like more, so I made a preview video with about 1 minute of footage from each version. Watch the preview video, but no jerking it! Even if you aren’t in chastity you need to keep your greedy hands off your dick and buy the full clip before you jerk it.

Handheld Camera Version:

Handheld cam
Handheld cam

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Main Camera Version:

Main Cam
Main Cam

Buy on Kinkbomb:

Buy on Clips4Sale:

Now that you’re all worked up you can buy both versions and watch them. Suffer like my slave suffered. Cum only once you’ve made it through both and commented below telling me which version makes you horniest or if they are both just too fucking good to pick one as being better.

8 thoughts on “Tormenting My Slave in Chastity – Preview Video!

  1. i can only dream of the day Goddess Kyaa let’s me worship her butt for the first time. There is nothing i want more out of life than to worship Goddess Kyaa’s ass. She has the most beautiful ass i have ever seen

  2. wow….. it was exquisite to watch this vid….. it must have been agony for him to look upon Your absolutely beautiful body and at the same time feel Your foot against his cage while You threaten him with perpetual chastity…… I wish it could be me

  3. GODDESS KYAA, thank You for reminding us over and over that we belong body, mind and soul to YOU. I don’t like pain or suffering, but for YOU … for Your amusement and for Your glory i want to learn to enjoy it, because i am nothing but Your property.


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