New Media Update! July 22-29 Domination, JOI, Fur Fetish, Legs, Hair Fetish

This weeks New Media Update has been delayed a bit, but you bitches can’t keep up with all the clips I add either!

Few fetish studios publish as much content as I do, and I’m working nearly %100 solo. My girlfriend helps around the house with cooking and cleaning, then of course she takes almost all of my amazing photos. I do everything else, the editing, description writing, uploading and publishing, it’s a 1 woman show. Luckily for you perverts, I fucking love every aspect of producing tons outrageously hot, twistedly kinky, high quality content.


New Media Update 07/22-07/29/2013:

All the videos on this list are linked to the 1080p versions. To find the other versions you will have to search for them on my studio yourself. Right click to open the pages in new tabs or windows to read the full description and drool over the preview gif. Once you have read through them all pick a few (or all of them) to purchase. Spend some time watching them then rate/leaving written feedback for each video you bought.

Standing and Sitting on My Gimp with Rexi West – Watch Rexi West and I crush my gimp under our feet then use him as furniture, both of us sitting on him at the same time.

Circus Freak! – This circus themed video is fun, tongue-in-cheek style POV humiliation. When you watch it you will be transported to my Femdom Circus, Goddess Kyaa’s Bigtop, a fantastical place full of sexy Dommes and pathetic freaks like you.

Hooping Ignore in Fishnets – June 2013 – This video is one of the first hooping videos I’ve made, but I suspect you horny bitches will love watching me hoop, especially when I’m in a bra and fishnet pantyhose!

Cum Countdown for my Lotioned My Legs – My beautiful long legs are perfection as far as you’re concerned and to be allowed to watch me moisturizing my long legs in my pretty blue lace sun-dress will make you so horny you’ll need to cum!

Weak for Natural Blondes – When you get a peek at my natural golden locks your heart starts beating faster and the blood rushes to your helpless dicklet.

Addicted to My Body – This one will cost you, but it’s worth it.

Fur Show for Fur Fetish Addicts: Summer 2013 – Click and pay now for my first Fur Show video!

Cum Quickly! For My Hot Body in a Blue & Yellow Striped Bikini – Download this video now and keep yourself on the edge until I count you down and command you to squirt for my hot body in my sexy little striped bikini.

Outdoor Ignore – Reading and Sunning Myself – This is over 15 minutes of total voyeur candy.

Do you have some of these new clips already?

If not, which ones do you want most?

What’s stopping you, horny perv? Use the coupon code on my Pay Tribute page then start adding videos to your cart. When you finish checking out head back over here and comment. Confess how many of my videos you have in your current collection!

2 thoughts on “New Media Update! July 22-29 Domination, JOI, Fur Fetish, Legs, Hair Fetish

  1. Just bought some of Your clips yesterday Goddess. Will do so next payday as well. Your clips are addicting and help me understand the path to Kyaaism and tell me that You rule my pathetic life for being such a filthy sinner.

  2. One thing, that maybe is safe to say, that God and slave have in common is, that i love….that YOU fucking love every aspect of producing tons of outrageously hot, twistedly kinky, high quality content. It is Your videos that truly make the loser mind expand. They are always fresh and it is evident that You love to produce them .Thank You very much Goddess Kyaa !

    Your videos are the nourishment for my filthy soul that i desperately need and i cannot comprehend how anyone could cum to just one and not crave more and more. is hard to keep up with You and all the things You do,but in essence that is the meaning of life. There is always something to do in serving You. Also ,in my loser opinion,for a few dollars more,there is a huge difference in 1080p HD and the other versions of Your video Bible.


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