Fiction: “To Serve and Obey” part 2

A young cop thinks it’s just another day when his foot fetish is discovered and exploited by a mysterious young woman. What will happen next?

Worship my feet, pig!
Worship my feet, pig!

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To Serve and Obey, part 2

My pink toenails and wrinkled soles make you beg to serve!
My pink toenails and wrinkled soles make you beg to serve!

She crossed her deceptively powerful slender arms and began speaking with the hurried voice of someone who has better things to do with her time. “I’ve just moved into town and I don’t want any trouble with the locals. Since it didn’t take you but a few hours to show up at my doorstep I’ll assume that the dried up bird across the street called you when she got a glimpse of some of the unusual items I collect. Instead of putting up with nosy neighbors and curious cops until I have to move yet again I’m going to let you help me secure my privacy as well as provide protection when I need it. This means you will need some re-education, but I can see that won’t be a problem, will it?”
As she posed the question she wigged her toes again and he nodded along mindlessly. Of course it wouldn’t be a problem, whatever it was, he’d do anything to make her happy.
“Good boy! Now, kiss my toes. All ten of them, kiss them now!” She ordered and slid her right foot forward until it was a hair from his lips. It took him a few seconds to get over the shock but once he realized she wasn’t about to kick him again he began hungrily kissing her toes. In a few dizzying moments his hard-on had grown painfully, pressed against the floor as he lay flat on his belly and kissed her toes like his life depended on it.
Through the fog he realized she was laughing sadistically. It turned him on and twisted his guts with fear at the same time. Slowly he raised his eyes to see her standing over him with a small digital camera in her hands. The taste of her toes on his lips, he began to comprehend just how fucked he was from the moment this vixen answered the door.
She was filming him in the passionate throws of worshiping her toes. Every pathetic minute of his shame was caught on camera and yet he was still aroused. Scared, in pain but somehow he couldn’t control this throbbing cock that was trapped between his limp body and the floor. The camera was still recording so he froze, as though she didn’t just film at least a full minute of him sloppily kissing her naked toes.
“Don’t stop. I told you to kiss my toes, so you will kiss my toes. Obey!” She spoke sternly but smiled as she held the camera pointed directly at him. He hesitated but she made the decision easier when she lifted her leg slightly and pressed her big toe against his lips.
The feeling of her big toe on his lips, the way she forced her feet upon him, her pink painted toenails, it was all too much for him. All will to resist was long gone and the last scraps of his pride were being destroyed as he resigned himself fully to whatever fate this young goddess would chose for him.
He parted his lips and her big toe slid gently into his mouth, then back out, and in again. She was fucking his mouth with her toe! All he could do was lay there on his belly, stiff dick painfully bent against the floor, and take his face fucking. Thoughts of the camera, dispatch and what would happen when everyone sees what a disgusting foot sucking pervert he is, dissolved. Yet again she had him in a state of total submission, obediently worshiping her feet. Some small part of his mind was urgently trying to warn him of how dangerous this situation really was, but his attention was entirely divided between her delicious big toe slowly fucking his mouth and his awkwardly crushed and now dripping wet hardon.
The camera’s beep as she turned it off and slipped it into her back pocket reminded him that she had just recorded him laying on the floor, in uniform, sucking on her big toe. Cold fear was washing over him as he realized just that he was beyond fucked. She had total control, all he could to is obey and hope that she wouldn’t destroy him.
Still slowly sliding her big toe between his pursed lips, fucking his mouth with her toe, she spoke. “From now on you are my personal piggy bitch. If I even think you are attempting to resist me for one moment I will have this on the Internet faster than you can blink, and I’m sure you can figure out what will happen from there. Now, follow me, piggy.”
Pulling her toe from his mouth, she turned and began walking away. For a moment he was frozen, laying there with his hard dick still squashed, twitching and oozing.
“On all fours. Follow. Now.” She paused, looking over her shoulder and waited until he had struggled onto all his hands and knees.
She lead him across the room and down a hallway. Finally his tortured penis was no longer trapped between his body and the floor but it only made him hornier. As he crawled after her the head of his achingly stiff shaft was rubbing against his briefs, stimulating his already overwhelmed senses.
Crawling slowly to minimize the rubbing in his pants, he focused on her feet and followed without making a sound. When she stopped he looked up and watched as she opened a door. Glancing at him with her pink lips set in a victorious smirk, she stepped across the threshold, and disappeared from view.

Here, piggy, piggy! Come suck my toes like a good boy.
Here, piggy, piggy! Come suck my toes like a good boy.

10 thoughts on “Fiction: “To Serve and Obey” part 2

  1. What a story! OMG! Gets my creative juices going. Thinking if its ok Goddess, write a story for You? Please let me know and will do so asap


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