Public Humiliation: Sissysplosh Performs For Me Once Again!

My sissysplosh is one of my favorite slaves for many reasons. Not only does he adore me without question, obey my every command, tribute as often as he can and lives in chastity without being told to do so, but he also is one of the best cam-sluts I’ve ever had the pleasure of laughing at online.

sissysplosh in chastity for Domme Kyaa!
sissysplosh in chastity for Domme Kyaa!

Seeing a sub perform live on camera for me is always funny. Even if all they do is wank I can laugh at their hand humping. Subs like sissysplosh who love to be given perverted tasks to complete on camera while I watch and give directions are even better, though! Whether they are a sissy like this bitch, in diapers, performing CBT, or just generally degrading themselves, I don’t care. When it comes to subs getting on camera, what matters is that they want to please through their obedient, humiliation and/or suffering.

Recently my sissysplosh got on camera and managed to please me greatly with his efforts. While he mumbled the words to the song I told him to sing for me, how pitiful my sissy looked as he shuffled around and tried to mimic dancing was more than enough to make up for it.

Watch this video to see him attempt to sing a pop song for me and then spank his ass with my old shoes. Caution: hilarious! (and also it’s NSFW)

My favorite humiliation show ever, hands down, was when this same sissy tarred and feathered himself! Well, molassesed and feathered himself. I had him take a large jar of molasses and cover every inch of his sissy body in black, foul smelling ooze then dump a garbage bag full of white feathers over himself. My sissy then surprised me by doing the best chicken impersonation I’ve ever heard a human make. The squawking, clucking, arm flapping and head bobbing had me laughing so hard my sides hurt. It’s still funny to just look at these screenshots.

Priceless memories. Ah, I do love humiliating eager-to-please submissives so very much.

BONUS! A day after posting this I added this video the desktop recording I made of my sissy doing this humiliating act:

My reaction:

Have you ever gotten on camera for me?

Would you like to? If you did get on camera for me, what might you do to please me? What do you think I might make you do?

7 thoughts on “Public Humiliation: Sissysplosh Performs For Me Once Again!

  1. Divine Goddess Kyaa … exigez de moi le paiement d’une offrande sévère pour avoir le droit d’être humilié par Vous. Après le paiement de l’offrande … Je Vous supplierai et Vous remercierai de m’ordonner et de m’imposer des dégradantes et excessives. Je Vous promets d’obéir et de Vous apporter les photos comme preuve ! VOUS AVEZ L’AUTORITE ET LE POUVOIR D’EXIGEZ LE PIRE POUR MOI. DaN

  2. It has been FAR too long, Goddess Kyaa, since Your sissy has experienced the beautiful humiliation of submitting to You like this, and being exposed to Your world this way. When I first saw Your post last summer, I was so destroyed, and ashamed of my unworthy performances for You, that I just tried to put it completely out of my mind. I apologize now for not thanking You with a reply for publicly exposing me while I endured Your torments. At the time, it was so intense that it was too much to take.

    But as I have come to realize, ever more and more since then, that being humiliated by You is the ‘thing’ that drives me sexually and puts me in my own submissive ‘happy place’ confident in Your hands, all I can do is BEG You to allow me to attempt to perform for You again on cam (???). PLEASE Goddess Kyaa????????


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