Now You Can Ask Those Burning Questions Using Tumblr

Last month I made an account on yet another social media site. While on the one hand I feel like I need another social media/blogging website like I need another sub begging for freebies, on the other hand there are several features I really like on tumblr.

I can post sexy gifs, write more than 140 characters, it will automatically tweet links to all my tumblr posts so if you just follow my twitter you can get all my tumblr posts too. I know this might be confusing for old men (like most of the bitches reading this) but just breathe deeply and go slowly. It’s like anal, just take your time and you’ll get used to it even though it feels very strange right now.

Another feature I have come to love on Tumblr is their “Ask” feature. Using this, subs and fans can submit questions, any question they like, and it goes into an inbox for me. I can then choose to answer it publicly, sharing tidbits of information about myself, what I want int a sub, what it’s like to be me and more.

Here are a few recent questions and my replies to them:

“kyaa-fan asked: What do you enjoy about making a guy swallow his own juice?

Some women get turned off by or even grossed out by the simple act of watching a horny male gobble up his own jizzum. I, on the other hand, have an iron stomach and am just not disgusted by the shit perverts do to themselves. Quite the opposite, in fact. Making one of my addicts lay on his back, flip his legs up over his head, and point his mess-maker right at his bitch face before counting him down to cum at the exact moment I command, spraying his own filth into his open mouth, is one of my favorite ways to exert my control over a man for many reasons. It’s fucking funny to watch, I get a rush of power when I see a sub degrade himself at my command, and I know the taste will stay with him for a while (reminding him of what he did for me.)”

“lilgirlsuseme asked: You’re so dominant. When was the first time You realized Your control over boys/men?

I honestly can’t remember a time when I didn’t feel I had some sort of secret control over the opposite sex. I’ve spent my entire life manipulating boys, really. When I discovered femdom professionally it was a huge eureka moment.”

“thelittleman1 asked: Other than Goodboy4Kyaa, who are your favorite slaves/pets? Which slaves spend the most on you? Which one’s please you the most? Are they the same pets or 2 different categories?

I have more than 2 categories of subs, actually. There are the truly dedicated subs who love and obey me without thought or question (goodboy4Kyaa, Kyaasbard, sissysplosh). There are my most addicted and enslaved perverts (furjoe, slave K + a few other anonymous slaves) and then there are lurking losers who have been obsessed with me for years but only buy clips or send tributes (you know who you are!)

I adore them all!”

Submit your question now, and return regularly to ask other questions. Ask me what I think of your fantasies, what music I’m listening to, my opinions, my thoughts, my favorites and least favorite things… I know my addicts are endlessly curious about every little detail of my life and psyche.

Post your question using the link I’ve provided (bookmark it so you don’t lose it!) and then follow me on Twitter (if you are unsure how to follow me just bookmark the page!) to see if I answer your question!

Just be respectful and ask away!

4 thoughts on “Now You Can Ask Those Burning Questions Using Tumblr

  1. Never used tumblir before. Seen lots of people use it and post pics. Will have to check it out now that You are on it Goddess.

  2. Thank You Goddess Kyaa! It feels so good, makes me feel a have some worth to you. It meant a lot to be included in your list!

  3. Thank You Goddess Kyaa for Your beautiful analogy of how to learn tumblr. Take it slow and easy until it cums naturally, that works with tumbir too. #giggle Obviously i can’t say i know how to fully implement it yet, but getting to see You answer questions from Your flock is exciting. Very interesting. Even if i “know” the answer, it’s fun to see Your answers ,to “see” if i was right or wrong or in between. That is how i tend to “work” my old loser mind.[verses cross word puzzles]

    The final answer You gave about Your favorite slaves/pets…”I adore them all” ..[i guessed right ] Because You know how to use each and everyone in Your Empire [and out] in a different and special way, You make us feel ” adored” so it is impossible to not be excited to have the chance to please,amuse, be used by You always.

    Finally, i have to shoot my comment in about the Holy Sacrament of cum-union. Take ye and drink, and always remember Goddess Kyaa is your only God. i do vividly remember the first two and i believe the only two times i was allowed to partake of this powerful, life changing evil sacrament. The first time was celebrating New Years Eve 2011 at Your party, 8 months almost to the day before being collard by You. [which i did not know at the time. [You knew, but i did not]
    The second time was about 3 months later after i booked and finalized my journey to You to be forever collard by You. i “think” my loser point is, to be controlled and obey You in that special way is something that is never forgotten. To supplicate to Your Almighty Power always feels soooo good.


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