Puzzle Post – July 2013 (Earn an orgasm for solving puzzles!)

Something I know about old men (and many of you perverts are old men) is that they love doing their puzzles. For some it’s sudoku, for others it’s the crossword. I’ve decided that to keep your perverted minds spry you should be doing puzzles, no matter your age. Young or old, you should try flexing the muscle between your ears instead of pulling on the one between your legs.
It's difficult to use your brain when I'm sitting above you like this, isn't it?
It’s difficult to use your brain when I’m sitting above you like this, isn’t it?
Many of the puzzles I’ll present will be word and grammar based. Doing these puzzles will actually help you with your spelling and grammar, if that is something you struggle with. For those of you who speak English as a second language, you’ll find that this is an excellent way to practice some kinky English words.
Which level of puzzle pervert are you?
After you answer the poll above you need to prepare yourself for a puzzle marathon, if you dare! Challenge yourself, you might not realize how much fun it is doing puzzles until you are doing the kinky puzzles I’ve made for you below. Start with the sexy puzzle pictures and move down the list, timing yourself as you do each puzzle. I’m just curious how long these things take, are they too hard, too easy, or just right?
Earn an orgasm!
Finish at least 2 types of puzzles (for instance, a picture puzzle and one of the word puzzles below) then submit your time and the solution for each then you may stroke and cum for me!
PICTURE PUZZLES: These picture puzzles are sexy high resolution photos broken up into jigsaw puzzles. Click the links below and time yourself as you solve them! Remember, no wanking until you finish all the puzzles! These puzzles are perfect for everyone, even non-puzzle loving losers will enjoy putting together these sizzling hot photos. Plus, no printer required!
WORDSEARCH: This wordsearch should be a little more difficult than the last one. Once again, time yourself and note the time before you move onto the next, even more challenging puzzle!
Print this out and fill it in on paper, then take a photo and email it to me or post it in your sub-blog.
Print this out and fill it in on paper, then take a photo and email it to me or post it in your sub-blog.

worsearch p2

FALLEN PHRASE: This one’s a bit of a doozy! If you don’t know how to solve these types of puzzles I suggest doing a quick search online for “how to solve fallen phrase puzzles” and hopefully you can figure it out from there.
fallen phrase - I suggest printing it out to fill in!
CRYPTOGRAM: I have a coded message for you bitches, can you figure it out? Once again, I want you to time yourself doing it and preferably post photographic proof!
Can you hold off stroking long enough to decode my message?
Can you hold off stroking long enough to decode my message?
Good luck!

4 thoughts on “Puzzle Post – July 2013 (Earn an orgasm for solving puzzles!)

  1. Thank you Goddess Kyaa for posting these puzzles. The word puzzles kind of mess with the head of the person trying to solve them, because I feel weird searching for things like armpit licking and slowly revealing messages that demean me.

    Picture puzzle 1: 12:20 (and I loved this picture)
    Picture puzzle 2: 8:30
    Word search: 16:27
    Fallen phrase: 4:19 (very quick, but I made some good guesses early on that helped out)
    Cryptogram: 27:56 (and I loved the message)

    I was surprised how much I enjoyed this, because I would have thought that my love of puzzles and my love of being humiliated were completely separate.

  2. Said it before and will say it again. i really need to do more of these assignments and humiliation tasks. Now, i have the means to do so. i must say Goddess, LOVE the pic of Your Divine Feet. You know much Your Feet make me crazy! Also have that clip! LOVE IT! Just got it Friday and have watched it at least 20 times!

  3. Puzzles. *lesigh* ? Well, it’s hard to teach Your old slave new tricks, so one thing is true, i will cum dead last on this assignment from You. Young or old , there is not a perverted soul in the galaxy that can’t beat me at this . The only shot i have is the WORDSEARCH puzzle.

    As i kneel and stare up at Your photo, it warps my loser mind that being transformed and trained by You to “not think” has been fully implemented, and now it is being switched into reverse. hehe
    It’s a daunting task trying to “think” especially when my loser eyes can simple look at Your photo and win the same prize light- years before i could solve all of these mind blowing puzzles.Old slave logic is to go lie down in Your cage and wait till this passes on by. haha

  4. amazing cryptogram puzzle the word wrap on the last word of the second line really threw me off since the first letter in line 3 is part of that word and not a one letter word of its own


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