New Media Update! July 8 – 15

There are 10 new must-have videos in this new media update from last week. After you go shopping for new clips come back here and confess how many of my videos you currently own!

New Media Update 07/08-07/15/2013:
All the videos on this list are linked to the 1080p versions. To find the other versions you will have to search for them on my studio yourself. Right click to open the pages in new tabs or windows to read the full description and drool over the preview gif. Once you have read through them all pick a few (or all of them) to purchase. Spend some time watching them then rate/leaving written feedback for each video you bought.
Loser Humiliation – It’s called “Loser Humiliation,” what more do you need to know? Are you a loser? Do you like being humiliated? Just fucking buy it, you stupid shit.
Cum Quickly! For My Cute Bikini – Soon I will count you down and you will have to cum for my hot young body in this cute little bikini, but that won’t be difficult for a jerk-addict like you, will it?
Patterned Pantyhose Leg Teasing – Cranberry Polka-Dotted Sheer Paneled Pantyhose – First you will notice the intense cranberry color of my beautiful pantyhose, then the remarkably sexy sheer sculpted panels with big polka dots in them, creating a very unusual look.
Lick, Lick, Lick! POV Sweaty Underarm Worship – Lick, lick, lick, until my underarms are clean and fresh!
Riding Crop Ball Busting Instructions – As you’ll soon find out, I have little mercy for the sperm-filled sacks between the legs of horny males such as yourself.
Rexi West Examines Goodboy4Kyaa’s Permanent Collar – This is a casual, intimate look at my slave Goodboy4Kyaa’s permanently locked collar. I compare it to the temporary collar around subgirl Rexi West’s pretty neck and let her ask my slave a few questions about his collar.
I’m Going to Gamble Away All Your Money – Tribute Version – Empty your savings, max out your credit, I’m going to gamble it all away!
The Only Permanently Collared Slave in The World – Click and pay now, all subs will love this intimate conversation with the only permanently collared slave in the world, Rexi West and Goddess Kyaa!
Teaching the Tenets of Kyaaism – Saying Daily Prayers –
So Weak for My Bare Legs – You’ve always had a weakness for legs, but my legs redefine what it means to be weak!

One thought on “New Media Update! July 8 – 15

  1. Your clips are truly amazing Goddess! Every payday i will buy at least 3 clips so that i may expand my little loser mind to more fetishes and be able to study Kyaaism at length more. The true path to bliss begins by accepting that Goddess Kyaa is the one true God and Kyaaism is the one true religion.


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