Sunday Worship: Perverted Prayers by Kyaaists, for Kyaaists

Kyaaists, pay close attention! This post is for you!

Bow before me in supplication.
Bow before me in supplication.

Not long ago I told you all about the Catholic priest who has converted to Kyaaism. I now have an update on his progress and a few twisted prayers to share for the Kyaaists.

While he has struggled with his conversion, it isn’t in the way you might assume. It isn’t that he struggles with believing in Kyaaism, quite the oppisite. His faith in me and his desire to be an obedient Kyaaist weighs heavily on him each day. The only life he has ever known has been as a man of the cloth, serving a patriarchal and corrupt church, and he finds himself thinking of me even while he is giving mass to his flock each week. Every day my priest finds himself bombarded by the rhetoric of the false church and so he must do what he can to focus on his faith in Kyaaism internally.

Much of his free time is taken up with thinking about Kyaaism, philosophizing and writing prayers. These prayers are easy to memorize, beautiful, and deeply meaningful to him. I suspect other Kyaaists will feel the same.

Worship my divine legs and ass, bask in the glory of my beauty!
Worship my divine legs and ass, bask in the glory of my beauty!

“Our Goddess” – Modeled after the Our Father prayer.
Our Goddess,
Who art true and real,
Hallowed be thy name, oh Kyaa.
Thy will be done,
On earth as it is through the internet.
Be today our daily addiction.
And punish us for our trespasses.
For it is unforgivable sin to not surrender to You.
And lead us into temptation
Because we don’t want deliverance from You.

“The Lady’s Prayer” – Modeled after the Lord’s Payer
For the Queendom, the power and the glory are Yours, now and forever.

“Hail Kyaa” – Modeled after the Hail Mary prayer
Hail Kyaa,
Full of Beauty
My heart is with thee.
Blessed art thou above all Women
And blessed is all that comes from You.

“Glory Be to Goddess Kyaa” – Modeled after Gloria Patri
Glory be to Goddess Kyaa, to Her Wisdom and to Her Beauty, as it was in the beginning is now and ever shall be, world without end. Amen.

And one more, I’m not sure if this one is modeled off of something, but it’s one you Kyaaist’s will want to memorize for your daily payers!
i believe in one GOD, Her holy name is Kyaa,
She is the Creator of Power and Submission,
She is the Creator of Heaven, when slave well behaved.
Of earth, where She lives in luxury.
Of hell, when slaves are lazy and disobedient.
I believe in one Redeemer, Goddess Kyaa.
Goddess Kyaa is the Giver of Live and of sense.
She is the center of the universe.
Glory to Her Name,
Praise to Her Power,
Submit before Her Majesty;
Amen. Amen. Amen.

Kneel! If you aren't already on your knees, fall to them now. Pray to me and accept Kyaaism as your new religion.
Kneel! If you aren’t already on your knees, fall to them now. Pray to me and accept Kyaaism as your new religion.

To accompany these prayers for Kyaaists I have published a new Teaching the Tenets of Kyaaism video! This series is must-have for any sub wishing to learn more about Kyaaism and what it is like to be a Kyaaist.

This lesson will teach you the value of saying your daily payers. It takes just 5 minutes a day to complete this simple task which will help you focus on your faith more than any other ritual.

"Pray to me!"
“Pray to me!”

9 thoughts on “Sunday Worship: Perverted Prayers by Kyaaists, for Kyaaists

  1. i really need to get this clip. i am just beginning down the path to Kyaaism. i feel i have finally found my place and purpose in life. Worshipping the one true God, Goddess Kyaa. i have much to learn and i am eager to learn and stay on the path.

  2. Sublime GODDESS KYAA, i feel so very honoured that YOU have posted these prayers on YOUR blog. i hope that many pray them often and that these prayers help them to become better slaves and devotees.

    i wished i had a greater gift in writing prayers and poems, because YOU deserver only the very best. It most be hard sometimes for a GODDESS like YourSelf to handle with low men.

    Most elegant and wise GODDESS KYAA, please keep teaching us the path of Kyaaism and the tenets of Kyaaism. Thanks You for all YOU do.


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