New Media Update! July 1 – 8 2013

Although later than scheduled, here’s your new media update for last week. I think you jerk-addicts will notice there are 3 new JOI videos. That should keep you wankers busy! Also notable this week are the first two clips on the list. A foot worship and humiliation video featuring Princess Rene and a video of subgirl Rexi West rubbing my pantyhose feet will make more than foot fetishists weak, all perverts will want to see these extraordinary  videos.

New Media Update 07/01-07/8/2013:

All the videos on this list are linked to the 1080p versions. To find the other versions you will have to search for them on my studio yourself. Right click to open the pages in new tabs or windows to read the full description and drool over the preview gif. Once you have read through them all pick a few (or all of them) to purchase. Spend some time watching them then rate/leaving written feedback for each video you bought.

Watch now and you'll become our foot licking boat bitch!
Watch now and you’ll become our foot licking boat bitch!

Domme Kyaa and Princess Rene – Foot Worshiping Boat Bitch POV – This very special video is a foot worship clip featuring Princess Rene and I on a boat in the hot sun, using a bitch as a foot-rest and teasing the camera POV style.

Half naked subgirl rubbing my feet? Of course you need this, now!
Half naked subgirl rubbing my feet? Of course you need this, now!

My Spiked Heels & Pantyhose Feet Get Worshiped By Topless Subgirl Rexi West – Have you ever seen anything so damn sexy? Subgirl Rexi West worships my spiked heels and rubs my pantyhose feet. Hear her describe what it is like to be allowed to worship my feet!

Cum Quickly! For My Patriotic Fingernails – I’ll give you just a couple of minutes of hand and nail teasing, showing off my red, white and blue manicure, before I count you down and order you to cum for my patriotic fingernails. Click and pay now!

Cum Quickly! For My Hot American Body – In the second JOI video this week you wankers get to jerk it for my hot American body! I tell you why you love my American body and make you cum hard.

Patriotic Fingernails Tease – Click and pay now for lots of hand posing, flipping you off, nail tapping and taunting you with my long nails as I describe what it would feel like to be scratched by me. Close ups of my patriotic fingernails will satisfy any fingernail loving fetishist.

Perverts Love My Fishnet Pantyhose – Do you know why perverts like you get so weak and horny for my fishnet pantyhose? Buy this clip and I’ll tell you.

Bikini Foot Worship in Las Vegas June 2013 – I’m about to go down to the pool while in sunny Las Vegas, but first I’m going to tease my foot addicts and fuck with your loser minds.

Cum Quickly! For My Cute Bikini – This is the third JOI of the week, and this one’s a doozy! I look so fucking hot in my cute little bikini, you’ll be drooling as you wank your unworthy loser dicklet.

Do you already have some of these clips? If not add a few to your collection now! There is a coupon code on my Pay Tribute page. Get the code then start spending! Go broke buying new clips then comment here and thank me for putting out more new content than any other femdom.

2 thoughts on “New Media Update! July 1 – 8 2013

  1. Thank You Goddess for all these new clips. More clips of Your Glorious Feet! Every time i see Them i am just in awe. True perfection from the one true God. Your Divine Feet are burned into my little mind. i can’t stop thinking about Them and You Goddess.

  2. Thank You Goddess Kyaa for all of these new videos. All because of You this is without a shadow of a doubt turning into a summer-of-cum celebration. May i say… “Goddess Kyaa say’s celebrate a summer of Her flawless existence”. Just look at these videos, it’s seriously already a fun-summer- of cum. Thank You Goddess Kyaa ! To a dirty little cum whore like me, this summer of being owned by You, is nothing short of nirvana. #blush


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