Cute Panties, Long Legs & Bare Feet, Oh My!

Getting the studio set back up and filming a few custom clips took longer than expected, but I am finally online! It’s 10pm as of this post and I’ll be online for the next few hours. Check my twitter, as usual, to find out if I am still getting on cam or if you will have to wait until tomorrow.

Call me:


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Or email me about paying for cam via skype or yahoo IM:

6 thoughts on “Cute Panties, Long Legs & Bare Feet, Oh My!

  1. Thank You again Goddess for more pictures of You and of course Your Divine Feet. It is just amazing how graceful They are. All day i dream of Your Feet and how They have taken control of my life. More importantly, it is amazing how Kyaaism is now dictating my life. Every time we talk i hang on every word. me? i pathetic, depraved, loser and pervert getting to talk to a God? Hard for my loser little mind to wrap around. Thank You Goddess for accepting me into Your wonderful world and showing me the one true religion, Kyaaism.


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