Pride 2013

Pride was pretty chill for me this year. No parade, no after parties. I just met up with a few friends, drank wine in the sun and watched some of my favorite gay artists perform First up is the lesbian hip-hop duo God-Des, then gay icon Andy Bell of Erasure.

These photos don’t show you my favorite part of the day, though… They had a beautiful ASL interpreter who signed things I’ve never seen signed! Just watch, it’s indescribable. I hope you can get an idea of how fucking funny this was from this short clip.

God-Des & She Lick It PDX Pride 2013 from Domme Kyaa on Vimeo.

If you don’t know these musicians, it’s okay. Just know I had a good time. The VIP ticket was $50, with drinks and food for the weekend plus merchandise coming to a total of about $200 spent. Who wants to be my LGBT supporter and pay for everything gay-related? I have pride activities every summer, and am frequently donating to various LGBT causes. It could be your money I’m spending when I’m celebrating my pride and giving away to help LGBT causes. I’m imagining a sub surrounded daily by bigotry protesting quietly by giving me every penny he can, knowing that while he might live somewhere where most people shudder at the thought, he eagerly supports my kinky “gay agenda.”

3 thoughts on “Pride 2013

  1. Thank You for all the pics Goddess and so glad You had such a great time! i have actually been to a couple of these events. my mother has always had gay friends and have gone to some festivals with them. It is such a fun event and a learning experience as well.

  2. Thank You for these photos and this video Goddess Kyaa. Knowing You had a good time, and letting Your hair down [so to speak] ,is what makes me happy. It’s pretty intriguing to me because i obviously don’t know a lot about these festivals, and my desire to know everything about You is…..i just do. When i know You had a good time, that really makes me smile. Loved Your look at the end of the video. Simply priceless. Beautiful.

    To be allowed to see You out and about, raw beauty, in a natural environment [away from work is what i mean] is special. Thank You very much !


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