Schedule for July 8th through July 15th

Knowing how easily confused you horny perverts get I am going to clarify what it means when I say I am “online.”
When I say I am online that means:
1. My phone lines are on: you can call me on NiteFlirt or Verified call. I will talk with you about nearly anything. Life, the universe, your horny little dick… Jerk off instructions, erotic hypnosis, humiliation, foot domination, feminization and chastity are but a few of the topics from calls I had just today.
2. I am signed into skype & yahoo to broadcast my webcam and chat with subs who pay for my time (no free webcam or chat, cheapskates!) Subs may either call and pay per minute to view my webcam or tribute through various payment methods to pay for blocks of time with me to view my webcam, do cam-to-cam sessions or just chat.
3. I am open to email and pay-per-view teasing/training. If you are afraid to call me or contact me personally for webcam or chat, you can email me. I know many of you subs get nervous or may have living situations that make serving me difficult, so encourage you to email me! Confess your weaknesses and desire to serve me, beg to be given assignments and instructions to follow so that you might please me.
4. To find out if I really am online, what I’m wearing, what kind of mood I’m in and see any new photos you need to check my Twitter. It’s free, easy and you should have the app on your phone so you can check it throughout the day. I post photos there daily to feed your addictions and keep you updated on everything I’m doing.
What does it cost? What will I do to you?
Commonly subs will pay $50 to $150 for a short webcam session, though I often will spend hours on the phone hypnotizing a sub or a few minutes chatting with a pay-pig who will spend thousands before I even let him see my webcam. How much you spend, how I tease you and what I do to you will vary widely depending on what type of sub you are.

My schedule for this upcoming week:

Monday, July 8th: Online 5pm-11pm

Tuesday, July 9th: Mani/pedi day! I’ll be getting my nails done early in the day and filming custom videos in the afternoon. Keep an eye on my Twitter in the evening that day, if I feel like going online I’ll inform you there.

Wednesday, July 10: Not sure yet. I might be getting a special day of pampering from my girlfriend who said she is going to spend hours massaging me and worshiping my pussy. If she does what she said she has planned I doubt I will be online at all on Wednesday.

Thursday, July 11th: Online ~3pm – 12am

Friday, July 12th – Sunday, July 14th: Online 12pm – 2am! Yes, that’s 14 hours a day all weekend long! That’s more than enough time for all you horny addict to submit to me. Line up and get ready to worship me!

Monday, July 15th: I may or may not be online, it all depends on how the weekend goes. If you bitches make me happy and are still eager to spend on Monday I might bless you with my presence online.

Now that you know when I will be online this week you can plan your submission! If you’d like serve me outside the hours posted above you simply need to contact me via email and schedule a session with me in advance.
Note that I will also be filming custom this week (and next) so you can contact me now to order yours.

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