1st Time Boating with Princess Rene on Lake Mead

I spent last Friday boating around Lake Mead with Princess Rene. We brought along her long term bitch slave martin and even filmed a couple of videos, despite the record setting 117° heat!

Filming clips for our addicts wasn’t really top of our list this time around, though. Spending the day soaking up the sun, drinking beer and swimming was more important than making sure you junkies got your fix.

These are all the photos from that day that you bitches get. It’s enough for a small photo set, but I’m including all 20 in this blog post for free. This is to encourage you to contact me and beg to fund my next trip to visit Princess Rene! We’ve already discussed it. I’ll stay at her place and we will film a ton of videos for you perverts. Contact me now and beg to be the lucky bitch you pays for my plane tickets.

At the end of the day on the lake, speeding back to the docks, I filmed this little teaser video. Enjoy this free clip, but loser… no stroking! No stroking without spending, at least.

I want you to spend some time daydreaming about what it would be like to be on that boat. Our toned young bodies glistening in the sun as we rub suntan lotion into each others soft skin, laughing and swapping stories of our conquests over perverted addicts, swimming and playing in the warm water in our skimpy bikinis…

Now that you are horny and twitching with excitement:

Domme Kyaa and Princess Rene - Foot Worshiping Boat Bitch POV gif
Domme Kyaa and Princess Rene – Foot Worshiping Boat Bitch POV

Domme Kyaa and Princess Rene – Foot Worshiping Boat Bitch POV

1080p HD: http://www.kinkbomb.com/Domme-Kyaa-and-Princess-Rene-Foot-Worshiping-Boat-Bitch-POV.html

720p HD: http://www.kinkbomb.com/Domme_Kyaa_and_Princess_Rene_-_Foot_Worshiping_Boat_Bitch_POV_-720HD.html

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3 thoughts on “1st Time Boating with Princess Rene on Lake Mead

  1. That slave was truly lucky to be under Your Feet Goddess! You look so stunning out on the lake and so happy You had such a great time in Vegas!

  2. yes. i was watching that heat from afar and thinking of Your beautiful complexion. What i have been allowed to see with my loser eyes since Vegas is ….You handle the sun quite well. You are beautiful Goddess Kyaa .

  3. Loved the video of You Goddess Kyaa ! That video is why i work for You. To see You having fun. …As far as slave martin…well he is lucky to be on the right boat at the right time. It is what it is. i am not jealous.he lives there…..that’s my point ! he is available at any time. i can feel his pain. haha
    Thank You for all of these photos Goddess Kyaa . Thank You very much !


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